Sunday in the cafe with Geri

This is how they serve the coffee in the Belgian-style cafe

A Belgian-style cafe recently opened across the street from my apartment, where I love to sit on Saturday or Sunday morning, sipping perfectly prepared cappuccino (served in a bowl) and watching the streams of tourists who stop in before heading to one of the nearby museums. The Met, Whitney and Guggenheim are all within walking distance, so you can imagine how popular this eatery is.

I’m sitting there right now and a FOF woman and her husband (they’re wearing wedding bands, so I assume they’re married) just sat down at the next table. She’s petite and is in great shape (wearing running gear). Her dark hair is cut in a pixie style and her face looks fresh and vibrant.  She’s wearing hardly any makeup.

In the fifties and sixties, couples like this weren’t enjoying each other’s company in European-style cafes, smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. And FOF women alone surely weren’t sitting solo in cafes, except maybe in Italy. We’ve become a more cosmopolitan society, and FOF women are as cosmopolitan as you can get. What’s more, we surely don’t need to live in big-deal cities like New York to be stylish, current and curious.

It’s in our DNA and we take our gestalt wherever we go.

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