Talent Search

One of the best gifts the Internet gives us is the ability to “meet” incredibly talented people from all over the globe. Just check your Facebook news feed or YouTube and you might hear a bewitching seven-year-old Norwegian girl singing like Billie Holiday, see an enthrallingly realistic watercolor by the wife of your former Yoga instructor, or read a moving blog that makes you weep. How lucky we are to experience the wonderful talents of our fellow men (and women), as well as to share our own with others around the world.

After all, who doesn’t love to show off her “gifts,” even if just a wee bit?

What’s your talent?

  • Are you as crafty as Martha Stewart, or even craftier? Maybe you’re a fantastic knitter, needlepointer, or seamstress who makes your own clothes. A brilliant flower arranger, perhaps?

  • Would you consider your singing, dancing, acting or instrumentals stage worthy?

  • If you hung one of your paintings, sketches, photographs or illustrations, would it get anyone’s attention?

  • When you prepare and serve a dish from one of your original recipes, does it evoke a great deal of lip smacking?

  • Is your prose or poetry smart, funny, original, heart warming, or thought provocative?

  • Does your living room show that you have the Midas touch when it comes to decorating?

  • Can you build a piece of furniture, install a new sink or repair a car?

Send us a video, photo, sample, anything at all that demonstrates one of your talents.

WE HAVE ONE RESTRICTION: Your talent shouldn’t be directly related to your job, so if you make your living as an interior designer, please don’t send us an article on you from Architectural Digest. Or if you’re a professional chef, please don’t send us one of your most popular recipes. You get the idea!

THIS IS NOT A CONTEST, where the winner receives a trip to London or a shiny Lexus. We simply want to share your talent. You’ve been blessed with it, so now’s your time to let the world in on your “gifts.”

We will showcase you on FabOverFifty.com, on Facebook—where we have 44,000 fans!—and we will feature you in one of our popular newsletters.

You ask us all the time to share stories about “real women”. That’s you.

Besides, you never know who might discover you on FabOverFifty.

Send your submission to geri@faboverfifty.com!

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