The altitude went to her head

“I had a debate with my colleague, Lina, a few weeks back when I blogged that Ivana Trump was not Fab Over Fifty. Lina thought I was gratuitously negative. When the news came in yesterday that Ivana was thrown off a plane after reportedly flying into a rage and screaming foul-mouthed at a group of kids, I thought maybe I had won the debate (that’s my “baby self” gloating!)

"Leave me alone, I'm in a foul mood."

Seriously, I’ve sometimes been peeved, too, when little kids are disrupting my plane ride. Why can’t their parents control them better? I ask myself, but A.) I know better than to curse out loud on a plane, or anywhere in public B.) I’ve learned how to control my emotions a little better than that. C.) I’m fully aware the disruption won’t/can’t go on forever. What would Ivana have done if they were her kids?

Unhappiness can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, anger to depression, behaving crazily to illegally. When many women are in intensely painful labor, for example, they start cursing at their husbands and doctors, not to mention at their unborn children. As someone who has been through God-awful labor, I excuse every one of these women (I actually didn’t curse, but ordered my husband to throw me out the window).

I’m only a backseat psychologist, but I have had enough experiences in my FOF life to believe that Ivana Trump is one unhappy woman. FOF women know that money, influence,  jewels, furs, facelifts, four husbands and multiple homes aren’t the stuff of joy and contentment. Why doesn’t Ivana know that and why doesn’t she seek help so she can, at last, be fabulous too?

Or at least charter a private plane when she’s in a bad mood.

P.S. I think the real reason I’ve blogged about Ivana is because I’m endlessly fascinated by celebrity arrogance.

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  1. lady jicky says:

    How long was that flight going to be I wonder? I ask this because I have been on a few 24hr flights and with alot or just a few kids on your flight — you can really go stir crazy!! This plane hadn’t even taken off and these kids are playing up and – lets be honest — if you paid the price to go first class – I would be mad as hell. Ivana may not have the extra $$ now she has a divorcee in her sights so maybe that is why she did not hire her own plane ( what would that be like ?? Bliss! LOL)

    Please don’t pick on Ivana too much — its a nice change from the young celebs going feral and Ivana didn’t have to be on drugs or drunk to go nuts either ! LOL

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Lady Jicky,

      I won’t pick on her for a while.


  2. Heather Chapple says:

    Think we are intrigued by Ivana as she is simply so OTT most of us would love to have a day or two in our lives like one of Ivana’s ‘fun good days of extravagance’… how bout that last wedding of hers with the million bridesmaids?…….. it was such a hoot ‘ya just gotta smile’ ! What fun to line up all your friends and kids and eat, dance and be merry.

    You are of course probably on the mark with her unhappiness of the day but personally I’d be sad if she went grey and saggy…. you have to admire the persistance she has as the amount of time it takes to keep up her deal must be something…

    I know a grain of common sense and appreciate where and what you have is really what you are talking about here….


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