The Big Risk I Simply Had To Take

About two and a half years and $1.5 million later (it cost a whole lot more to launch a website seven years ago than it does now), my friend had enough and walked away. And there I was, almost 65 years old, and in quite a pickle. Employee salaries and office rent to pay, advertisers to satisfy, and a website that wasn’t making enough money to fulfill my obligations. I hadn’t even taken a salary most of the time.

I had a clear choice: Throw in the proverbial towel, or continue to believe in my ability to make FabOverFifty profitable.

I didn’t hesitate. I’d worked harder than ever to launch the site, my FOF ‘sisters’ were enjoying it, and I simply couldn’t walk away. By this time, we were starting to gain momentum, which was encouraging. I’d have to take a risk, and use the money I’d saved to fund the website I now loved. I’ve never leaned on anyone for living expenses, so this wasn’t a minor gamble.

I took the plunge. Month in and month out, I’d make withdrawals from my investments to meet the payroll and other expenses. I only have this one life, and I might as well do what I love, since I’d done that throughout my career, I reasoned. I subsequently had to take out a mortgage, on the apartment I always owned free and clear, so I’d have the cash I needed to keep the business afloat. My credit card bills were higher than ever. It was scary because I’d never been in a position like this before. I stayed up many nights worrying about depleting my savings, but by morning I was again hard at work on FabOverFifty.

Fortunately, a passionate and smart young man came into my life, and into the business, about four years ago, and together we’ve turned the website into a profitable venture. We never sit back on our laurels, however, because the digital world changes from minute to minute, and it’s harder than ever to predict what tomorrow will bring. I guess that’s always been the case, in whatever we do, so we might as well make the most out of today.

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