The “I’s” Have It

What would you do in this situation: A co-worker you like a great deal is under the gun to finish a project. She’s pretty tense because it’s a big assignment and she’s worried she’ll overlook some important issues in the brief time she has left to complete it. You have your work under control at the moment.

Would you:

  1. Volunteer to help her out, knowing she’d never admit her apprehension and ask for assistance?
  2. Obliviously go about your business, not even thinking to help her.
  3. Recognize her situation, but never ask to help her. You don’t get paid to do someone else’s work, you think. It’s not your problem.

Many times we’re so wrapped up with ourselves we don’t see what others around us are experiencing.

A man on a crowded train will be sitting in front of an old woman and never offer her his seat.

You’re having dinner with a friend who is distressed about a situation with her son but all you do is talk about your daughter’s new job.

Your friend needs someone to babysit because an emergency came up, but you’ve got to get to the hairdresser and manicurist so you can look tip-top for a dinner engagement.

A former boss asks for a favor you can easily do, but you make up 22 excuses because she can’t do anything for you anymore, so why bother.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If we all repeated this adage to ourselves every single morning, without fail, we might make more sense out of an increasingly crazy and self-centered world.

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  1. Cecile Wheatley says:

    Yes, I help out whenever, whomever and with whatever I can. Especially my daughter who lives close to me. But she really seldom asks for help. I am single so it is not a problem. I am happy to help a co-worker, too. But I am careful not to “barge in” and help unless i ask first or am asked to help. I have been burned by that flame, when my help was interpreted as grandstanding…

  2. Soledad says:

    If I am available to help my friends when they need me I will. That’s what friends are for. I am unemployed now but when I was working and didn’t have anything pressing to do, I would also help out.

  3. Beth ODonnell (@beth_odonnell) says:

    I’m blessed to be single and be able to listen and be “a friend in need.”

  4. Debra S says:

    I WISH that I could get wrapped up in myself for a just while… a little while, a little bit…… I’m so tired. So very tired of being the one everyone asks to do everything. “Since I’m not working”. Whatever. I DO FREE daycare for a son and his wife..if anyone says that is not work, I WILL SLAP YOU. I put in longer hours than others. I’m fried. Kids turn your brains to mashed potatoes.

    Husband is burned out. Looks like HE is going to need “care” soon. I’m weary. Oh where was the retirement and money and time to do cruises and things?

    • cl says:

      Retirement? No such word for us. Sounds like usual life for us, too. Hampsters on wheels.

      Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself. Even just looking at a magazine or setting time out to watch a movie with the husband. We TRY to do small things in our hectic life, and even that is tough to do.


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