The Mating Game

Smooching is Sensational
Smooching is Sensational

I’ve spent the last six months interviewing about 100 Fab Over Fifty women from coast to coast—aged 50 to 75—and some interesting commonalities about marriage have emerged from my stimulating conversations with them.


Those women who are married to their original husbands are among the happiest women I’ve ever met.  Their husbands are their best friends, their biggest supporters and their lovers.  They haven’t stayed married for convenience but because marriage has been one of the most wonderful experiences of their lives.


The divorced women who haven’t remarried, as well as those who have never married, adore living solo. Although a number of divorced women wouldn’t mind sharing their lives with a new man, they don’t sit around moping and waiting for Prince Charming. They have their work and passions, their families and friends, their homes and secret hideaways. They say they will be just fine without a man. Those who have never married feel exactly the same.


The women who’ve remarried are thrilled with their new husbands. “I finally found my soul mate,” said one who is in her third marriage.  “We don’t like to be away from each other,” another told me.  They sound like young girls when they talk about the men in their lives.

I didn’t talk to one single woman who said she’s unhappy with her marriage. Thank goodness, most of us have figured out what we want by the time we’re fifty.

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One Response to “The Mating Game”

  1. Ginger says:

    I’m younger, but am really enjoying this blog! So glad to see marriage celebrated, but I don’t understand why marriages are often labeled, “marriages of convenience.” When two people stand up together and say “until death do us part,” then keep that promise, regardless of how they might FEEL from day to day, that is a marriage of COMMITMENT.
    I know feelings are much more in vogue today in America than a person’s word, but I’ve seen a lot more good come from someone following their word than someone following their feelings. I would sure hope those in my life can continue to be committed to me, regardless of how they might feel from day to day, and I would hope to give that kind of commitment in return.


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