The single woman

I am heading to Grand Central Station to get a train to Purdy’s, NY, for Jerry Shereshewsky’s birthday dinner. He’s the CEO of His FOF wife, Catherine, gives him a special party every year.

Painting by Edward Hopper
Painting by Edward Hopper

It’s a cold and rainy Sunday but I’m looking for forward to spending the evening with the interesting and fun people Catherine has invited. She’s also an exceptional hostess and cook and her home is warm and welcoming.

I’m going solo because my husband preferred to stay home. He’s not a social butterfly even when he knows everyone at an event (and tonight he wouldn’t know anyone.) He also works exceedingly hard six days a week, so Sunday is a rest day.

Sure, I’d love to be with a man who loves to do everything I love to do, or at least knows how to fake it. But I’d rather go alone, anywhere, than spend the whole time knowing my escort would rather be somewhere else.

Wow, have I changed. In the past I’d have been mad (or distressed, upset and insecure) if my husband/boyfriend didn’t want to go with me. Now I don’t need an escort. Besides, it’s such a waste of time and energy being mad.

I use my energy for all the things I love to do. Isn’t that why it’s great being FOF?

P.S. As I expected, the evening was delightful. Great company, scrumptious food (roast pork stuffed with apples and prunes, red cabbage and whipped potatoes), and lively conversation. I was the only single woman with four couples. It was just fine.

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One Response to “The single woman”

  1. jane says:

    By the way, I love your blog. I read it in my Google reader everyday. What I like about this entry is that it speaks to me personally. My boyfriend is an introvert and is not much of a social person and I used to sigh when he would refuse to attend events with me. I’ve learned that it’s better to leave him be rather than to drag him along and babysit his uncomfortable ass throughout the night. Keep up the great work!


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