The weighting game

“You look like you gained some weight,” Lali, my forthright dental hygienist, told me yesterday. “But maybe it’s your outfit,” she added, to soften the blow. I was bundled up in two heavy sweaters.

Michelle, a winner on Big Loser

I was semi-morose the rest of the day. I have been eating more sweets since I stopped drinking almost three years ago. My doctor told me that my body is still craving the sugar it used to get from the alcohol (I was a big fan of vodka). When I lay off the sweets, the weight comes off.

I bought three cupcakes for David on the way home from the dentist’s and promised myself I wouldn’t scrape the icing off them in the evening. But around 11 pm, I couldn’t resist.

This morning, I went into the wonderful boutique across the street to buy a holiday gift for Angela, my manicurist. As I  browsed the jewelry, Denise, the saleswoman, said; “Geri, you’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

What a difference a day makes.

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One Response to “The weighting game”

  1. Duchesse says:

    I’ve blogged about Fat Language. I wish women would cut it out. Why should we be complimented or feel morose about whether we look slightly larger or smaller?

    Next time ask them why it matters.


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