There’s something about Mary

God bless Mary Anthony.

I had never heard of Mary until a publicist at CBS News sent FOF a release about this 93-year-old modern dance teacher and a link to an interview. You can judge for yourself what you love about Mary (the segment is only a few minutes long), but what I adore is her passion (“I’ve loved dance all my life. When you’re dancing you’re supposed to be as ecstatic as possible. With dance, you find your emotional, physical, and spiritual centers”), her generosity (“Life is a gift and you have a responsibility to give your gifts to others. I award scholarships to worthwhile students with passion and a burning energy to dance”), her spirituality (“Dance is a religion for every true dancer. Taking class everyday is like praying), and her drive (“Mary has standards, she’s tough. She wants you to be the best you can be,” one of her students says.)

Mary is beautiful.  She claims she doesn’t dance like she did five or ten years ago, but I think her form is impeccable.  As she gracefully lifts her legs into the air, speaks softly and carefully, and closes her eyes when she is making a point, Mary is every bit FOF. She is a blessing to womankind.

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