This too shall pass

Momentarily overwhelmed
Momentarily overwhelmed

“I am feeling overwhelmed,” my 56-year-old friend W. told me last night. An attorney who normally has a demanding workload, W also is dealing with the recent death of her mom and weeks of radiation treatments for breast cancer.

While others might let all this really overwhelm them, W simply says the words and moves on.

FOF women can take on more responsibility and confront more problems and challenges than seems humanly possible. We have stamina, common sense, a ridiculous ability to multi task and would rather stay cool and calm than be crochety and crabby.

I, too, was feeling overwhelmed before I spoke to W. But the moment my pal uttered those four little words, I realized “this too shall pass.”

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2 Responses to “This too shall pass”

  1. Mary Loging says:

    Timely post! I needed this and so did my sweet FOF sissie so I called her, told her I had a gift for her and sent her your blog for today!

    • Geri says:

      Hi Mary,

      What a wonderful comment. You made my day.



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