Through the ages

It is fascinating to see people with extraordinary talents for their “ages.” We celebrate Grandma Moses, who began painting in her seventies. Shirley Temple captivated moviegoers with her singing and dancing, starting at three. Beethoven gave his first performance at seven.

Here are two exceptionally talented people to add to the list—one at each end of the age spectrum.

Aelita Andre is a four-year-old abstract painter, whose work has sold at shows around the world for tens of thousands of dollars. Her phenomenal art is now being exhibited at a New York gallery. I can’t wait to see it in person. Read about this little wonder, who has been compared to Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso.

Aelita lives in Australia
And this is one of her pieces

FOF Paddy Jones, 77, is a salsa dancer whose grace and flexibility–not to mention gorgeous legs–are inspirations. Check her out.

Paddy Jones and her dancing partner

The world is filled with so much promise and talent.  “Meeting” these people is one of the Internet’s greatest gifts.



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