Time to Leak Some Good News

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“Oh my God, I’ve got to get to a bathroom,” I thought as I attempted to dash across New York’s Fifth Avenue years ago, desperate to pee. My mom used to call me a “camel” because I could go for hours without hitting the toilet.  Those days apparently were behind me! Since that spring afternoon I’ve learned that bladder leakage is a fact of life for millions of women—-and men—particularly as we age. About 25 million people over 50 have the problem, as a matter of fact. Nearly 70 percent of menopausal women experience urinary incontinence at least once a month, according to a 2015 study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I’ve also learned that leaks I can’t control absolutely don’t have to control me, thanks to products like the awesome (yes, awesome) undies I recently discovered that keep me comfy and dry.

How Willow Works Wonders on Wee-Wee!

I wouldn’t mind if my body looked like hers. And notice how pretty Willow looks!

After trying everything from the uncomfortable and unsightly disposable drugstore brands with thick and bulky padding to overpriced microfiber styles with padding that’s too thin and barely absorbs a thimbleful of pee, I’ve finally found the perfect panty for leaks.

My lovely discovery, called Willow, not only gives me outstanding protection; this disposable panty fits really, really well on my anything-but-svelte body and is welcomingly stylish!

Made from a marriage of natural and synthetic fibers, Willow is ultra-thin and lightweightsuper soft, and wonderfully stretchable all over so it moves with me but doesn’t make a pee-p!  No wonder it’s called Willow. You won’t be bothered by constricting waist and leg bands that dig into your skin, or annoying panty lines, and the panty looks totally seamless. Featuring a modern rise, Willow actually feels invisible when I slip it on and comes in beautiful charcoal, sand and light gray. The Willow pad has a fast-drying inner layer that can absorb and lock in up to four cups of liquid, which is phenomenal, while the outer layer wicks away moisture so I stay secure and dry. Even when I’ve leaked a little more than usual, I don’t smell a thing.  Neither will anyone else. Many people are so mortified by their problem, they actually stop socializing. Willow gives you the confidence to lead an active life. “Sit back, stand up, or jump and dance around because you now have one less thing to worry about,” says the card in the pretty package.

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Never Get Caught Short Again

There’s more to love: Besides the ease and convenience of buying Willow online, I’ll automatically receive shipments throughout the year to ensure that I’m never caught short. I generally wear one pair each day, so I get my new Willows every 60 days, but if you need to change more frequently, Willow will customize your subscription to your needs. I’m wearing size L/XL, but happily Willow is being made in larger sizes, like XXL, too!

The folded undies are so compact, you can tuck one into your handbag to have on hand if you’re planning to stay out late. And, they cost about 40 percent less than undies that are even remotely comparable. Since Willow eliminates the middlemen and exclusively sells online, it’s passing the savings onto us.  Willow also is available for the men in your life who are experiencing bladder issues.

Right now, Willow is offering a free trial. You’ll receive 20 pairs of undies and pay only $4.99 for S&H. I was hooked after I wore my first trial pair for a single day. I think you’ll be hooked, too.  You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

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PS I adore seeing older women modeling Willow undies on its chic website. Real women, not models. You’ve got to love a company smart enough to do this.

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