Time to go inside

Lose weight. Firm up. Stop drinking. Quit smoking. Think happy thoughts. The New Year invariably brings with it new promises we make to ourselves to shape up, do right and conquer the world. It’s a New Year, a “New You” must be ready to pop out from behind the curtains.

Frankly, I’ve never been one to make such lofty promises to myself when the calendar page flips from 12.31 to 1.1. I stopped drinking and smoking years ago, so they’re out of the Promise Land. Sure, I’d like to drop 20 pounds and have the same matzoh-flat stomach I had in my 40s, but I finally recognize that if you don’t take care of yourself from the inside out, you can be a mighty unhealthy size zero.

So here’s where a new anti-aging supplement, called Imedeen Time Perfection®, enters the picture. Manufacturing skincare

products for over two decades, the makers of Imedeen® say its Time Perfection® “marine complex and antioxidant” supplement will work “inside the body” on women 40 and older, “to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin quality and moisture balance, and protect collagen and elastin fibers against oxidative damage in as little as 90 days.” A three-month supply of 180-tablets is $206.

I well know that skincare creams, lotions and serums work only to protect and care for the top layer of our skin, called the epidermis. These products simply cannot change what’s happening in the dermis—the layer beneath the surface–that contains the collagen, elastin and moisture-producing properties, or the skin’s building blocks. Although they may temporarily increase our skin’s moisture and firmness, they’ll never get it to bounce back to where it was when we were 30, 40 or even 50.

Aside from plastic surgery (which I advocate wholeheartedly, as many of you know), maybe Imedeen® can do what these lotions and potions cannot. I was happy to say “yes” when the folks at the company asked if I’d try it, and compensate me, too.

Time Perfection® contains an exclusive blend of proteins and polysaccharides (a chemical term for carbohydrates, such as starch, insulin or cellulose) that is important for the skin’s structure and moisture and resembles the elements naturally found in the skin’s supporting tissue. One of these ingredients, called LycoPhence GS, provides tomato fruit and grape seed extracts, which help protect skin against oxidative damage. The other is Vitamin C, a vital antioxidant, which is essential in the formation of collagen. These targeted nutrients go “deep down” in the dermal layer to strengthen the skin’s invisible building blocks. Imedeen® offers a skin assessment on its site, to help you determine which of its anti-aging formulas work best.

I’m one-third into the three-month regimen and will be reporting back over the next two months to show and tell you how Imedeen® seems to be working. I took the two top photos (above) when I started and the bottom two today (complete with hair roller!) You judge for yourself (Personally, I see a difference; a good one.)

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28 Responses to “Time to go inside”

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh, girl, I’m so sorry but you have wishful thinking. There is no noticable difference.
    and not to push any product but did you know the Miss America candidates use Preparation H for lines and puffy eyes. I’m not trying your method or theirs.

  2. katie novotny says:

    I agree with the above, the lighting is totally different with the second set being much warmer which could make your skin look artificially better.
    This pill sounds too good to be true, but I will look forward to seeing your next set of photos.

  3. Onehsancare says:

    Try to have the lighting be exactly the same when you do comparison photos like these; we can’t tell what is attributable to the great difference in the lighting and what might be the result of the wonder pills you are taking.

  4. Denise Galon says:

    Don’t see any difference. Come see me and I will show you results in an hour!

  5. Pamela Lloyd says:

    I’m not seeing visible results.

  6. Claire Flaherty says:

    The photos are ridiculous. How can a viewer perceive the difference in before/afters if the lighting is so different? akin to frowny face before and smiley afters.

  7. Edie says:

    Geri, the front page says “Geri’s been taking a beauty supplement for a month. Has it improved her wrinkles and lines?” This is why the topic of wrinkles came up…

    • Geri says:

      point well taken Edie. we will change the hed.

  8. Joan says:

    I agree lighting is different . And I don’t see any difference at all! After 3 months what happens? Do you have to take the rest of your life? At 206 a whack I’ll keep my wrinkles thanks!

    • Geri says:

      why is everyone so fixated on wrinkles? this is a supplement designed to “hydrate our skin, “improve skin quality and moisture balance, and protect collagen and elastin fibers against oxidative damage in as little as 90 days.”

      improving skin quality
      improving moisture balance and
      “protecting” what is left of our collagen and elastin against further damage

      i am sorry I even put up my photos, in light of the fact that no one reads anymore.


  9. susan says:

    Geri, I honestly do not see a difference! Maybe more time is necessary or better lights. I really rely on Herbs and special vitamins to see the results, and of course a diet of no meats or sugars. Sugars are the biggest destroyer of skin in my opinion. Susan

  10. Cathie Coats says:

    I agree. Lighting is inconsistent.

  11. Kathleen Gereg says:

    Yep! It seems to be working Geri. I can’t wait to see the results after 3 months!

  12. Lisa says:

    I was thinking thet same thing! Please take your next pics in the same lighting; it really does make a difference. I have heard of this Imedeen and was pretty shocked at how expensive it is so it I am going to shell out $206 I’d like to see some kind of data or pictures that indicates it’s worth it.

  13. photophatty67 says:

    Yes, I agree with mxkh…nearly impossible to tell because of the different lighting in both pictures. It would be much better if the lightning were the same…

    Even so, from what I *can* see, I don’t see a lot of difference, if any, in the before and after photos, and I wonder how much the product costs… Is it really worth it? Doesn’t seem so to me.

    I think we’re all just terribly obsessed with looking younger (myself included), and I understand that. I believe the best thing is to take the best care of yourself possible, eat well and reasonably, exercise when possible, get regular physical checkups….and let the chips fall where they may. Let your character be your beauty.

  14. mxkh says:

    Impossible to compare since the positions & lighting do not look the same.

  15. Geri says:

    hi mick,

    i am a big believer in plastic surgery and do know that vitamins can only do so much. imadeen doesn’t say it’s going to take away wrinkles, so i’m not sure why anyone of my FOF pals would be reading into this.

    the imadeen package says it will “reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin quality and moisture balance, and protect collagen and elastin fibers against oxidative damage.”

    In fact, my skin is absolutely moister and softer since I started taking these vitamins about 6 weeks Reduce and remove are too different things. I also see a slight reduction in some fine lines.


  16. Mick says:

    Call me cynical, but…… REALLY!?…so glad the regimine was cost free for you.

    For wrinkles to go away, they need filler, collagen injections, Botox, dermabrasion, and/or surgery. They also need sunscreen every day to keep more damage from occurring.

    There is only so much vitamin supplements do for your skin: they are not magic. It is similar to expecting to lose weight by taking diet pills without exercise and changing what/how you eat. You might not be as hungry, but you are still eating 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s at a sitting because you think you can because you are taking ‘diet pills’ to “eliminate the fat.”

    Let’s stay real – good quality vitamins will make your skin healthier: but they will not lift the ravages of time like a cosmetic surgeon. Wishful thinking, girlie girls.

  17. Judith Baland says:

    I take L Carnosine and Lycopene as well as alot of C and B vitamins and The Queens Magic bee propolis, pollen and royal jelly..Amazing results! I also removed some age spots from my hands with wart remover..the freeze off kind..you have to be careful but it works..PS I don’t sell this stuff I’m just a very happy consumer..

  18. Lana says:

    Thanks for pics.I can’t see a change in skin. Could almost see the Before pic of chin has one less wrinkle than After pic. 🙂 The varied face-expression & varied light is hindering serious 1-to-1 comparison. Try re-taking & re-posting the After pic now? Thanks. And wish u lots of luck! Like ur guts, gal.

  19. nan says:

    yes, please – redo tomorrow – same time of day, same lighting as the first – no makeup or whatever – we can only see if the comparison is the same as the original

  20. Sophia says:

    I agree with portlandgirl, why not take picture the same way, in same light. We woman are being told something works and I say nothing works, just surgery! Save your money!

  21. portlandgirl says:

    Hi, I am not saying that I don’t see a difference, but being in this industry…lighting is everything. You have much brighter lighting in the second picture. Perhaps someone else should take the pictures for you. Otherwise, this is pretty deceptive and a lot of money for those who may buy into it.

    It may work. Not saying it doesn’t…but these pictures don’t prove anything

    • Geri says:

      hi portlandgirl,

      agree about the lighting, but we weren’t telling you it works, only for you to see what i look like one month into a three month program. when we report back in one month, we will use the same lighting as the before photo.


    • Cathy B says:

      Amen! Thanks for being so honest and you’re absolutely right!

  22. faye says:

    It would be best to use the same lighting as in the “before” photo.

  23. Kimberly Irby says:

    Wowee! Geri, you look great! I need to try these. Your skin looks amazing!!

  24. Cecile Wheatley says:

    Hmmmmm… I can see the difference!!!!!!! Yes…. Very much so… a good difference! I will be watching your progress… it will be wirth the investment!



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