A Winning Way to Treat Hot Flashes

Whether you’ve had a couple or dozens of hot flashes,  are 45 or 65 years old, one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself is a consultation with a ‘Menopause Master.’

Maybe you have symptoms. Maybe you don’t. It doesn’t matter.

Taking control of your health and wellbeing isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

You need to learn what changes are taking place in your body during the most important transition in your life. Learn why they’re happeningLearn how they’re impacting your physical, mental and emotional health

And, you need to get a solid grasp on the steps you can take to move through the experience healthfully, happily, and heartily.

Every woman who is blessed to age enters menopause. Every single one. We’re all in this together. Each in her own way!

And, starting next year, every woman will have the exceptional opportunity to take live Master Classes online, led by 24 of the nation’s true ‘Menopause Masters’, on a platform called M.D. For You: Midlife Decisions With Expert MDs.

What’s more, you’ll be able to meet one-on-one with any of them if you choose.

Nowhere else will you have access to so much menopause expertise in one place. And we mean nowhere. More on this later.

For now, we’re giving one lucky lady a one-hour gratis consultation with one of the M.D. For You ‘Menopause Masters.’

Since every woman experiences menopause differently, send me an email listing what issue or issues you’d like to address. Hot flashes to weight gain. Declining libido to painful sex. Depression to lack of energy.

We’ll pick the winner at random and arrange a gratis consultation with the ideal Menopause Master for your situation. 

oxo Geri

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