Two simple stories about looks

Story #1

My happily married FOF friend has a man friend who is attracted to her. He knows she loves her husband and he’s never come out and actually told her how he feels. She just feels it. The man’s wife died years ago. He dates.

My friend enjoys this man’s company, but she isn’t attracted in the least attracted to him. She also has a great sex life with her husband. However, she is flattered by her friend’s attraction. I would be, too. It’s sexy when people think you’re appealing. Doesn’t mean you’re running off to have an affair with them.

Story #2

The other day, while I was out with my 28-year-old daughter, I told her I wished I could lose a little weight.  She answered, “You were really thin two years ago, but why does it matter now?  You don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her reaction. “I want to look good for myself,” I quietly explained.

After all, that’s what FOFs do.

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  1. Deborah Chase says:

    Great stories. I have just joined Fab Over 50 and added it to the blog roll of my site, No-Nonsense Beauty blog. You offer wonderful information and support that I know that will be interesting to my readers. And I’m making that Pear Tarte Tatin tonight.


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