Was Mozart as influential as Miley when he was 18?

A smattering of intriguing, irritating, entertaining or mystifying events, products, places and people.

I don't know about you, but I would look stunning in this

Elaborately produced fashion shows in New York, Paris and other fashion capitals where designers parade their new collections before store buyers and editors. We’ll never see 98 percent (I’m guessing) of the clothes in the stores and the 2 percent we do see can only be worn by .01 percent of “real” women (who are between 12 and 21 and weigh 99.6 pounds

Sally "I charge $700 for a haircut" Hershberger

A New York hair stylist who charges about $800 for a hair cut (do I have to tip her, too?)

Prescription medication for osteoporosis that costs $65 for a single pill, and that’s with insurance

I don't get it

The Luge and Curling

When she slimmed down, I wonder if her IQ went up

Incessant media coverage of people such as Jennifer Aniston, OctoMom and Jessica Simpson….plus about 275 other utterly un-fascinating people

I keep thinking her name is backwards

Miley Cyrus being named one of the 100 Most Influential People by a magazine that no longer has influence

Shoes with 6-inch heels

I hope Katie Holmes didn't buy these

Shoes with 6-inch heels that cost $1,100

Full-page ads in newspapers and magazines for products that non-magazine and newspaper readers are buying

The still-barren site where The World Trade Center once stood

Yum, a juicy tofu I can sink my teeth into

Tofu that’s supposed to taste like anything but tofu

Surgeons who insist a major operation will improve the quality of life of a 90-year-old patient

Parents who don’t talk to their children

Children who don’t talk to their parents

Brother, am I mad at you!

Brothers and sisters who don’t talk to each other

The mad proliferation of beauty lotions and creams

B.A., and we don't mean the college degree

Brilliant teachers and scientists who live in anonymity, while perverted politicians become famous

Good actors who star in dumb movies

People who can afford to, but choose not to, have health insurance.

FOF women have so many opinions, don’t we?

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