We were snowed

Car buried by the blizzard

Manhattan almost came to a standstill after yesterday’s blizzard. That only happens in the worst storms. Many shops were dark, every Chase bank branch was closed, city buses were stopped in their tracks, subways weren’t running, the airports were paralyzed, cars were buried under mountains of snow, side steets were impassable by cars, calls to 911 for ambulances went through the roof. Even David didn’t go to work.

Deserted Park Avenue
Snow dresses up NYC garbarge
David, Rigby and a stranded bus

The forced lazy day gave me a chance to pay bills, send delinquent emails, organize the papers on my desk and buy two frames to replace ones that fell apart ages ago. They both held photos of my dad, so I’m glad they now look great in their new “homes.”

I’m also glad my daughter and her boyfriend were able to fly out of the city yesterday, before the storm hit. They’re on a much-needed vacation.

I hope all my FOF friends made their way through the storm without too much trouble. Mother Nature is the most omnipotent FOF of all.

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3 Responses to “We were snowed”

  1. Design Elements says:

    wonderful picture! we are snowed too in Bulgaria 🙂

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    And, by one of those quirks of geography, those of us in South Central New York did not get one drop of that storm. However, we got wind and a bit of snow late this afternoon on the backside of the return flow (or something like that – it was not lake effect, I can tell you that). There is nothing like New York City when you guys have a storm like that – silent. It’s almost scary.

  3. sharon segal says:

    Dear Geri. Great snow pictures! I do miss taking pictures of snow on the beach and boardwalk. Ha! If David did not go to work it must have been really bad! Sharon


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