Weight watching

I’ve got to lose 20 pounds, so I started dieting four days ago. I’m not starving myself, but I’ve cut out the sugar-laden foods that I’ve been gobbling up after 10 pm on a pretty consistent basis. This includes cupcake frosting, the crumb topping on the cakes David brings home religiously (he swims 75 minutes a day and weighs three pounds!) and assorted candies. I was never big on sweets until three years ago, when I quit drinking. I’m still treating myself to a little bit of sugar, such as a teaspoon of jam on top of 2 percent fat cottage cheese or a tablespoon of raisins.

I’m also cutting back the calories and fat I consume. I’m not prone towards moderation, so I can down a half a jar of peanut butter in one sitting. Peanuts are ok, in small doses, but that much peanut butter has over 1,500 calories and over 1oo grams of fat.

This is not the first time I’ve been intent on losing a meaningful amount of weight. I lost 45 pounds in 1988 and kept most of it off for almost 12 years and I lost 40 pounds about three years ago but didn’t keep it off long.

I don’t look terrible and I feel pretty good but I know I will look and feel better 20 pounds thinner. The first week is the hardest. It was murder to keep my mouth away from the double chocolate milkshake David had at an outdoor market today or the pasta I made for him at dinner. One taste here and there is okay, but like I do with the peanut butter, I don’t “taste” so much as “devour.”

Luckily, I can be disciplined when I set my mind to reaching a goal.  I’ll report back once a week with my progress. Join me if you want to lose some weight, too. It’s always fun to do something with friends.

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  1. Marguerite Krenek says:

    Geri, Check out the book by Gary Taubes, called “Why We Get Fat”, and what to do about it. It is amazing and will turn everything you thought you knew about weight loss upside down. I’m following the book’s message and i’m feeling so much better and have lost 5lbs. in 6weeks. Some may not think that is much, but it’s a great start. Fat is not the enemy, carbs are. Best to you!

    • Geri says:

      Carbs are ABSOLUTELY MY ENEMY Marguerite. Thanks for telling me about the book. Congrats on the five pound loss. it is a great start, as far as I’m concerned.


  2. Jillian says:

    Good luck Geri from across the pond. I have only just found this website and I just adore it. It isn’t easy I know losing weight: seem to have been on a permanent diet since the age of 16 but finally at this great and wonder ful age: I have stopped all the silly quick result diets and looked inward and finally began to like what I see coming back in the mirror. To all the FOF gals: you are all amazing and unique, flaws pounds and all. Jill

  3. Julianne says:

    I hear you, Geri! I started on the WW plan, and went off during a “certain wedding” I went to. Then I got a cold, and continued to slack off…but as of today…I’m back on track. It is difficult to stay on track, when you have goodies in the house. We’ve been trying to get more sugar free things like pudding and jello for snacks. That way it benefits ALL of us. Good luck Geri!

  4. Duchesse says:

    I’ve found losing weight extremely hard past 60 (hard past 50 too), so am focusing on cutting out calorie-dense, nutritionally-low foods; try to eat sugar only as it occurs naturally (whole fruit). An hour of moderate exercise per day- move it any way I can- has resulted in more energy and better tone. Every few weeks I’ll have some french fries or a slice of cake, because otherwise I’d be not living much- the balance between indulging and discipline is very important. That attitude and the group support is why I like Weight Watchers and have had long term success there.
    Good luck!

  5. Pam @over50feeling40 says:

    I recently lost 27 pounds and hope to keep it going! I seem to have the same temptations you do…I switched from sugar to STEVIA and I now use SMART BALANCE peanut butter and it is delicious! I had to lose for health reasons and I did a diet under a doctor’s care. If you want more information, just email me!!!

  6. Vera J says:

    Nine months ago, actually on August 17, 2010 I weighed 234 lbs. I have RH and have taken predisone for 16 years. None of the medications that reportedly are helping other RH patients have had any positive effect on mine so the predisone is the only thing keeping me mobile. I blamed my consistant weight gain on the meds. Well, finally I admitted the truth. Although predisone is known for causing weight gain and other nasty symtoms the truth is, I overeat. And I overeat the wrong things. And I love wine. I knew at my age (61) I couldn’t continue at this rate.

    My SIL told me about Metabolic Weight Loss Centers. I joined on that day and as of today I have lost 77 lbs. I still have 23 lbs. to go to reach my goal. However, even at my current weight, my life has changed so much. I fit into a size 10 instead of a size 22. I look like a different person and I feel like a different person. And I’ve realized that the foods I used to eat have had to be replaced with healthier choices. And I too, LOVE peanut butter. When I have reached my goal I will bring that back, in moderation.

    This was not done on a starvation diet. I eat lots of protein (chicken, fish and whey). Hardly any carbs and make sure I drink plenty of water. Plus, I’ve made sure my body is getting the supplements it needs.

    Looking back it seems the weight was pretty easy to lose. But now the progress has slowed. I’m thinking this next 20 something pounds is going to be a bit harder. And I really want to reach my goal by the 1 year anniversary.

    I’m behind you all the way, Geri. We CAN do it!

  7. Lisa says:

    You use the words, “have to.” This is medical? Or just your own wish? In any case, I wish you all wild success.

  8. Kate Line Snider says:

    You have my deepest condolences, and I am rooting for you all the way!!!! You CAN lose it.

    Two years ago, after YEARS of being disgustingly overweight, I lost 45 lbs. -down to my pre-4th-baby size.It was tough to lose ( 4 lbs a month!) and tougher to keep it off! I have to walk an awful lot and continue to diet. (I ate a pop-tart this morning and a waffle with sugar free syrup for supper and feel like an unredeemed sinner.)Ordinarily, I eat a lot of tuna fish and diet jello.

    Maybe you can get skinny David to hide his stash of goodies! My husband keeps his in his home office. (That’s where I got the pop-tart, but I had to go down a couple of stair steps and really THINK about it before I stole it) I made Jay eat the last pop-tart so I wouldn’t.


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