What is THAT photo doing on THIS blog?!? Read on

I was thinking of the things I never had the slightest interest in doing, as well as the things I would love to do, and what my lists say about me.

Here’s a partial no-interest list: Skiing (snow, water), golfing, climbing a sizable mountain, surf boarding, eating horse meat or rattlesnake, piloting a plane, baking bread from scratch, living in a big house, taking a hallucinogenic drug, hunting, owning a boat, owning a motor cycle, having sex with a much younger man, learning chess, sky diving, being a politician, owning a big diamond ring, scuba diving.

Now, a partial list of would-love-to list: Live in Paris, speak French, visit Turkey, live in a brownstone in Manhattan, learn to act and paint, live in LA, take a small, super-deluxe cruise, take a course on the history of New York City, take an art history course, have the patience to read more, have stronger muscles, play the harp again, be able to eat carbs without gaining weight, understand economics, have the time to drive cross country in a super deluxe motor home and stop in hundreds of small towns in every state, be married to Bill Clinton.

Some of the things my lists say about me: I’m physically lazy; I want to be more cultured; I want to go on adventures, but not be an adventurer; I’m a controlled risk taker, and I’m definitely a little crazy if I want to be married to Bill Clinton.

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  1. Duchesse says:

    Being married to Bill Clinton would be a bigger risk than sky-diving! I’ve done far more on your no-interest list than on your interest list, isn’t life rich and varied?


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