“I’ll Have What She’s Having!”

Not surprisingly, a substantial number of Evelyn’s admirers celebrated her big birthday, including close, and uber-chic friend Margo, who called for the ambulance that fateful day last year.

Walter Katzenberg, 94,  joined the festivities and told me he’s going to Hawaii soon to celebrate his 95th. A retired Wall Street executive, he’ll be traveling with his nurse, and plans to stop in Los Angeles to have dinner with his son’s family. Son happens to be movie tycoon, Jeffrey, who produced movies including Shrek.  

I enjoyed a long conversation with Bonnie Stang,  a former school principal who has been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer for the last five years. Once married to comic actor, Arnold Stang, whom she divorced when she realized “he wanted someone to take care of him,” Bonnie praised Evelyn for her flexibility and willpower. “You never give up. I’m lucky that I met you,” she publicly announced to her friend during the party.

Twice widowed, Evelyn retired from her interior design career when her second husband tired of her business phone calls and incessant worrying about clients. He wanted to travel with her. Besides “good genes,” Evelyn attributes her longevity to something she’s been doing twice a day for 40 years.

Watch this 45-second video to find out what it is!

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