What would you do?

I guess you’ve asked yourself what you would do if you lived in Japan. Would you stay indoors with the windows and doors sealed, as the Japanese government has recommended to people within 50 miles of the damaged nuclear power plant? (If you even had a house to stay in.) Would you pack up and leave the country?  Would you just pray? Would you believe the media and the government spokesmen?

Of course, it’s hard to know exactly what we’d do if we were in the awful predicament that millions of people are facing in Japan. I do know that I’m not good at sitting still and waiting, especially for the other shoe to drop. I prefer to be proactive, so I can achieve positive outcomes in situations that could impact my wellbeing. Even if an outcome doesn’t produce the results I’d like, at least I did all I could.

I’d rather be far away from Japan, waiting to see whether the radiation will spread, than up close and uncomfortable.  If I had young children, I would want to do everything I could to keep them from harm. This is not War of the Worlds, with imaginary alien machines.  This is a world where real wars, revolutions, protests, flailing economies and a violent Mother Nature are coming together to test our resolve. It is a scary place, but I am confident we will prevail.


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  1. Duchesse says:

    Packing up and leaving is not an option for the vast majority of people. They will hunker down, and desperately hope that the world, both nearby and distant, will help them.


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