When someone says committee, I run for the hills

I’ve never been a big fan of committees. I can’t think of one I’ve sat on during my 62 years that actually accomplished anything. A group of people gathered around a table, yammering at each other, typically wastes time. Everyone is trying to make or prove a point and no one is actually leading or taking charge.

Committees give me the creeps

I think committees are supposed to recommend plans of action, but the biggest recommendation they usually make is when to have the next committee meaning. Maybe committees don’t work because too few people want to take responsibility. It’s a pass the buck kind of mentality. Just look at all the committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate. By the time they’ve finished discussing bills, they’re so diluted, they’re meaningless.

I do believe all committees in the future might benefit if they were comprised only of FOF women. We like to get down to business, state our opinions and accomplish something. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone and we don’t spend our time worrying about making everyone happy or love us.

We’d raise our voices when necessary, be willing to share our experiences and work hard to effect change. None of us would need to take all the credit either.

We could surely change the world.

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  1. ClaireOKC says:

    Holy Cow – this is hilarious – probably cause it’s so true. I hate these things. I know this discriminatory, but part of what I love dealing with FOF – in my business, we all get to the point, say what we have to say and go on down the road to the next challenge. It’s so refreshing!

  2. LPC says:

    I never liked committees but I always loved teams…

    • Geri says:

      Funny you say that, LPC. I was going to write the same thing, but I got distracted and forgot. Glad you made the point.



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