Wrinkle is a cute word, so why isn’t IT cute?

He wears his wrinkles well
He wears his wrinkles well

I started a converation with two young students while we waited to get our cupcakes from the new bakery. “How old do you think we look?” the girls asked, giggling in unison. They were delighted when I told them I thought they were a couple of years older than they actually were.

Forty years from now, they probably won’t be delighted with the same answer.

Why do we want to look older when we’re young and younger as we age? Why aren’t we content to look great for our age rather than younger than the calendar says?

What does fifty look like anyway? Or seventy? If you’re lucky enough to get to be ninety, do you want to look eighty? Can’t wrinkles be as beautiful as etchings or considered signs of character?

If wisdom comes with age, do we need to look like time stood still? Wouldn’t we rather feel comfortable in our own skin, as countless FOF women tell me they do, than get mad at it for telling on us?

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  1. Darlene Grisso says:

    Well it’s not that I think wrinkles are all that great but as long as my skin glows with passion – that along with a little cosmetic surgery works fine for me.

  2. Susan says:

    I’d love to say they’re great…I don’t think so. No. I don’t fight it a lot. I just do all the things one ought to for health’s sake (sunscreen, hat, etc.) but cute? No. I can’t say it & make it so. If you can, more power to you. I refuse to do happytalk. I’m going to feel what I feel for the time being–it’s not good to pretend. If yours is genuine (it seems so), then great. Most women I know, even the most powerfully biens dan sa peau, do not like theirs either. Talk to real Frenchwomen. They think wrinkles are crummy too.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Susan,

      I didn’t say wrinkles are cute. I said the word is cute. I’m posing the question why we put so much emphasis on looking young. I don’t like wrinkles any more than you do.


  3. sandy oster says:

    Wrinkles….such an interesting gauge of age! Some of us are luckier than others and the only wrinkles we have is when we really start to ponder an issue and wrinkle that brow! Oh how I wish I could be that faboverfifty woman! No worries…I earned my wrinkles!


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