“You make me mad!”

“Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.”  ~Albert Einstein

Back in the day, when people disagreed with us, they told us to our face or on the phone, even through personal hand-written notes and letters. We’d argue over lunch, debate at parties, raise our voices via AT&T long distance and write pointed missives. If you took issue with an article in a magazine or newspaper, and sent an angry letter to the editor, you’d be required to include your name.

Technology has given rise to a brand new way to disagree: Anonymously commenting on the web. It’s hard to believe so many are spending so much time ranting about absolutely nothing. Intelligent disagreement and debate can be stimulating to the mind. Unrestrained anger is another thing entirely.

We have been overjoyed to see the incredibly enthusiastic reaction to the new feature on FOF, Date My Single Kid. FOF moms, aunts, grand moms and friends have been sending emails of joy, congratulations, encouragement and interest all day long, and so have their “kids.” Here’s a great example:

“Dearest Geri, Here in the South, mothers (both Jewish and Gentile) have crafted this skill of matchmaking to a fine art. You, my dear, have taken it to a new level of expertise. Proud to award you an honorary ‘Southern Mother’s’ award for going above and beyond your duty for the love of your son. Ya’ll take care, come see us sometimes and bless your heart!!!”

But every so often, we get a comment like this: “I would be afraid to get involved with your son if you are part of the package..you are a smother, not a mother..give this guy some freedom to find his own gal and butt out…..you are too much..” And this comment is mild, compared to some that claim I’m a disgrace to motherhood.

My son and the other young, cool people in the office tell me not to respond to comments like this because it only fuels the fire, so to speak.

I guess I agree.

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  1. Lee says:

    I heard you on XM radio. Gayle King’s Show and loved you. My sons are only 7 and 4 but if they were old enough I’d register them. Love your spirit and I could sense the wonderful relationship you have with your son from your interview with Gayle. Great idea!!!! Good luck to your son. The few minutes I heard of him he sounded like a well rounded and great person.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    hey geri i want to date your son and give him the chance to see if i am his mrs.right but i wont know till you get back to me on my email i am new to this site and dont know how to work it just yet but you can email me back to my yahoo mail

    thanks Jocelyn

    • Geri says:

      Hi Jocelyn,

      did you or your mom register. that’s easy.


  3. Duchesse says:

    Geri, the web provides a perfect screen for anonymous, cowardly posters to use for sniping. They aren’t worth your time and I suggest not giving them attention by quoting them. Delete, wash your hands… and continue to do your thing!

  4. Susan says:

    You do have to ignore that stuff or it will eat away at you (even if you think it’s not…trust me on this, Geri).

    On another note…I don’t have an acct on FOL now but I rec’v the emails. I note the $115 St. James striped shirt. I wrote something recently on how these prices are jacked up in the US. I have the same shirt, purchased online from France. For $57.00 (including shipping, no customs duty on it).

    I urge your shoppers to do something about this sort of thing. It drives me mad. That Americans, because they’re insulated to a great degree–still, are being taken advantage of while in the throes of French material goods fetishism. I have many of these styles (one is from J. Peterman but it price appropriate). If St. James gave you guys the shirts, then I understand. Otherwise, an FOF & a pre-FOF do not overpay vendors what they charge their customers in other parts of the world. Ahem.


  5. Heather Chapple says:

    Goodness do people not have anything better to do…can’t things be taken with some lightness of heart? Me thinks the green serpent has attacked them! Ignore and enjoy your successes mother and son!

  6. cheryl ackerman says:

    saw your interview on fox today and i thought i would give your site a look see. in doing so i put one of my single daughters on. she is the fearless one who would go with any punch! it is a shame your son is not in va. or texas as both my girls would find him quite interesting. i shall be checking your site periodically. sounds inviting and interesting.


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