Young love and babies

I was walking this morning behind a young couple in love. I estimate they were in their early thirties. They were holding hands and had a nice demeanor. She had curly red hair, fair skin and an ok figure. Not thin, not heavy. He was taller than she, dark hair, fairly good physique. When the light changed, he turned to her, they embraced and they kissed. Not a hot and heavy kiss (that’s tacky on the streets of Manhattan, anyway) but a warm, loving kiss. It made me smile because young love is cool.

I wish I saw more FOF couples doing the same thing.

One kind of cute...

A friend entered her one-year-old daughter into a cutest baby contest at a local magazine. The kid is absolutely adorable but didn’t even place in the contest. I was thinking a.) How stupid these contests are b.) Who is proving what to whom since the kids themselves have no idea what’s going on c.) Every single baby is cute in his/her mother’s eyes, so why would a mom want some random group of people judging just how cute.

I'd say she's pretty cute, too!

Why don’t we see contests for the cutest FOFs? What about the cutest octogenarian?  Why is older so unattractive to us, except when it comes to inanimate antiques, houses and clothes?

Hopefully, the couple I saw today will grow old together and will find each other attractive when they’re 90.  And hopefully my friend’s daughter will grow up into a beautiful person...inside. What shows outside isn’t important at all.

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