Ask Dr. Barb: Making Menopause Manageable!

You consider yourself a strong, savvy, independent woman who prefers to face challenges head on by gathering all the facts and dealing with them coolly, calmly and intelligently.

Except when it comes to your sexual health and well being. You’ve experienced unpleasant changes in your body, and they’re affecting your relationship with your partner. Yet, you’ve remained uncharacteristically passive about them, figuring they come with aging and they’ll eventually go away. (They won’t!)

You’re embarrassed to talk to your doctor, and even when you do get information from here and there, it’s often incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent.

Enter Dr. Barb DePree, a gynecologist and women’s health provider for almost 30 years and a menopause care specialist for the past decade.

The founder of and director of the Women’s Midlife Services at Holland Hospital, Holland, MI, Dr. DePree wants every woman in midlife to know that she can successfully overcome the challenges she faces during menopause. And have a wonderful and satisfying relationship.

Ask Dr. Barb any question at all about an issue or issues on your mind that are affecting your sexual health and well being. She’ll use her wealth of experience and unbridled passion about women’s health to give you solutions or recommendations which she’ll address in a series of Facebook Live sessions on the FabOverFifty Facebook page.

Write your ANONYMOUS question below. The most important thing is that you find out what you need to know to give menopause a kick in the keister!



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