How To Get The Most From Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

Are there signs or symptoms of calcium and vitamin D deficiencies?

Signs of deficiency can be hard to detect, with symptoms like fatigue or brittle nails. The best way to judge your deficiencies is to consult with your doctor. In most cases, if you’re a woman over the age of 50, physicians will recommend a daily calcium supplement as your estrogen levels decrease (estrogen is a bone-protective hormone, so your bone density decreases as your estrogen decreases).

Do women generally get enough calcium and vitamin D from their diets alone? What types of food are rich in these two nutrients?

Environmental factors, such as the season and how much natural vitamin D you’re receiving from sunlight, as well as a woman’s lifestyle and the daily nutrients she consumes, will help determine whether a calcium and vitamin D supplement may be beneficial. Generally, however, women do not get the calcium and vitamin D they need from diet alone, though foods such as broccoli, kale or kefir are good whole sources rich in calcium.

Why do you recommend Cal-EZ to your clients?

Cal-EZ is a clinically studied, calcium and vitamin D powder supplement made with just two ingredients: calcium and vitamin D. No extra fillers! Ingredients and fillers you don’t want in your supplements include titanium dioxide, talc or magnesium silicate, hydrogenated oils (ie, trans fats) and artificial colors.

Each individually sized packed is tasteless and dissolves easily into tea, coffee, a post-workout smoothie or even when sprinkled into soups or in baked goods.

Why is Cal-EZ absorbed faster than other supplements?

A clinical study has shown that a powder form calcium (like Cal-EZ) absorbs better than pill and tablet calcium supplements. Cal-EZ calcium and vitamin D powder is convenient to use and made without the fillers or preservatives that you often find in pills and tablets, which can disrupt absorption of the nutrients.

What ways can a woman take Cal-EZ each day?

Add Cal-EZ to your morning coffee or tea, a post-workout smoothie or sprinkle in soup and even bake with it. Most people remember to take supplements best if they do it first thing in the morning. If you want to maximize the absorption, you can take half a packet early in the day and half in the afternoon or evening.

Try making this Chia Fresca smoothie with pineapple and turmeric– it’s great.

What other nutrients should FOF women get in their diets?  

Omega 3, B12 and probiotics are important to consider as you age. Omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation; B12 is essential for optimal brain function, and probiotics help keep your immune system strong by increasing the good bacteria present in your digestive tract.

Tell us about your Nourish wellness program.

Nourish is a 21-day whole food program that helps you to discover if some of the common foods you’ve been eating have been affecting the way you feel. We focus on decreasing inflammation, digestive health and eating clean!

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