What 59% Of Us Are Ignoring!

If so many of us don’t hear as well as we used to, why don’t more of us get our hearing checked? And why do the majority of hearing aid wearers say they’re unhappy with them? Learn how 140 women in the FabOverFifty community responded to this often sensitive issue.

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  1. Barbara Flournoy says:

    I have hearing loss in both ears. I wear one hearing aid because the other one stopped working. My aids were paid for by the state I live in shortly after I became disabled (2008). Since I have become 67, the state will not help with my medical costs unless I have over $1200 in costs every month. I am grateful that I am not sick enough to incur that much in medical expenses every month, but, on a fixed income…I cannot afford to replace nor repair my aids which cost almost $3000 (in 2008), I am sure there are others who need these devices but cannot afford them.


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