Giving Toilet Paper A Boost! [Sponsored]

Remember when you were horrified at the thought of bad breath, smelly underarms or period-producing aromas from other parts of your teenage body?

You carried around breath mints, furtively sniffed your armpits on warm days, and your stash of Tampons would have made Playtex proud. You got the breath-underarm situation under control decades ago, and chances are your period days are behind you, or almost. But now you have a nagging concern that other changes in your body may be impinging on you smelling fresh as a daisy. I do. LBL (light bladder leakage) is the biggest culprit, in my case. Although I wear pretty and practical panties from Wearever, with built-in pads, there are times when I feel I need something more than toilet paper to help me get completely clean and feel completely confident.

When the folks at Georgia Pacific (the company that makes Quilted Northern toilet paper) asked if I’d try their new product, called TP+ Cleansing Foam with aloe, I was certainly game. It’s as easy to use as the proverbial one-two-three. “Apply 1-2 pumps to toilet paper and then wipe the skin after using the toilet,” read the instructions. Lastly, flush the toilet paper as you would normally, and you’re done. The compact 1.5 fluid ounce bottle will dispense up to 100 pumps and can easily be carried in your handbag whenever you go out.

All the gentle ingredients in TP+, including the soothing aloe, are fragrance free and hypoallergenic, and after using the foam for three weeks, I can tell you that it’s been completely effective. It can be used throughout the day and night, and unlike with wet wipes, you never have to worry about clogging pipes, sewers or septic tanks.

TP+ is available at and comes packaged in two 1.5 ounce bottles, one for your home and one for your handbag.

You can buy it now for $3 off the already reasonable price.

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