How To Stay On Top Of Your Health This Fall And Winter

Cold and flu season is approaching, and it’s better to plan ahead than to wait until you’re already sick! We’ve partnered with CVS Pharmacy to make sure you know the best ways to keep you and your family healthy in the coming months.


1. Get your flu shot

“Getting a flu shot is the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from catching the flu,” says Papatya Tankut, registered Pharmacist and Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs at CVS Health. However, it’s important to get a new flu shot every year, because the potency of each vaccine declines over time. A major myth about the flu vaccine is that it can give you the flu– false! The viruses in the flu shot are not active, so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot.

2. Choose a pharmacy with flexible and convenient pick-up options

Whether you’ve suddenly become ill, or have been prescribed a new medication, sometimes you need to get to the pharmacy pronto. Some CVS Pharmacy locations are open for 24-hours and others offer a drive-thru prescription pickup service.
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