Do You Feel THIS Coming On?

Have you recently experienced at least one of these “unfortunate’” situations?

1. You’re on the second date with a new man who has a wicked sense of humor.  He tells a story that really tickles your funny bone, but the moment you start laughing you feel a leak coming on!


2. You’re finally able to do a set of 10 push ups, thanks to your new trainer, but when you reach #6, you feel a leak coming on!

3. You’re uncomfortably situated at the window seat on an unbearably long flight from New York to Paris, and the passengers in your row are sound asleep. At around hour 5, you feel a leak coming on!


4. You’re in the middle of the row at a popular movie you’ve been dying to see. During a suspenseful scene, you sneeze and feel a leak coming on!

5. You’re stuck at a work meeting where your boss is announcing critical changes at the company.  You’ve been alternating between coffee and water for hours, when suddenly you feel a leak coming on!

6. You’ve been waiting in an endless line at the post office to mail a package that must arrive at your sister’s house this week, in time for her 50th birthday.  You’re almost near the front, when you start to cough. Suddenly, you feel a leak coming on!

7. You’re on the seesaw with your three-year-old grandson at the playground. After seesawing for what seems like an eternity, you feel a leak coming on!



Chances are you’re not a stranger to one or more of these experiences. What’s probably going on is that you have a condition called “light bladder leakage,” or “urinary incontinence,”  but you’ll be glad to know that you’re far from alone.  LBL is extremely common, affecting as many as 30 percent of American women.

Besides stressors such as coughing, sneezing or exercise, many other factors can trigger bladder leakage, including (but not limited to): menopause; previous pregnancy; hysterectomy; alcohol, caffeine and smoking, and cardiovascular medications and diuretics.  The capacity of the bladder also decreases as we age, forcing us to go to the restroom more frequently.  It can sometimes even be tough to get to the toilet in time.

While 89% of women do not take any medications or natural supplements for their LBL, 47% of women do wear incontinence pads or panties to control bladder leakage.

Of those women who wear nothing special, 21% say they don’t know that incontinence panties exist and can actually be sexy.


Good news for all those women who wear incontinence pads or panties, as well as for those who don’t even know panties  exist! Now we can attend to our LBL symptoms and be fashionable at the same time. Wearever panties, our faves, have inner linings and slim, hidden pads built into their crotches that wick moisture away from our bodies, and quickly absorb it, so we stay comfortable.

Wearever’s pretty styles come in soft prints, solids, and lacy numbers. They’re made of fabrics including nylon, cotton blends and polyester and will keep you dry when you experience light bladder leakage.  Even better, they last up for up to 250 washes.


At $15.00 for a single pair, and less per pair for a pack of three, we can save an average of $500 a year compared to the cost of disposable pads, panty liners or adult diapers. That’s a big savings!

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