[GIVEAWAY] All-Natural Pain Relief From Noxicare

Common pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause serious health problems, from permanent liver damage to increased risk of heart attack and stroke, reports the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Noxicare, an all-natural pain relief solution, made from turmeric, willow bark, holy basil, rosemary, ginger, boswellia and alpha lipoic acid.

Traditionally used in Eastern medicine, turmeric has a number of long-term pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, to alleviate conditions including arthritis, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy pain associated with diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and tension headaches.

Available in both a cream and a capsule, Noxicare can be used for daily relief. If you’re experiencing site-specific, acute pain, try the cream, the only topical formula with turmeric. The capsule is best used for general, overall pain.


Four lucky ladies will win a three-month supply of Noxicare Cream ($86.85 for three 3.5 fl oz tubes).


By entering this giveaway, which is sponsored by Herbal Health Care (HHC), the makers of Noxicare, you agree to receive emails from FabOverFifty and HHC.

Want a free, full-size sample of Noxicare Cream? Call 1-888-386-9898 or email info@noxicare.com.


4 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 15, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.


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  • Vicki Andrew

    So I got a trial from this company ( through FOF link) complained and posted a negative review and now they are calling my ph# and being rude and a bit scary about the negative review. Just saying because of that (nothing on the product itself) I would stay away. No company has the right to call and harass you over a review. “F” in CS and class.

  • Eve

    I get shoulders and neck pain from sitting in front of the computer screen for a very long time.

  • Nicki Hunt

    I experience a lot of lumbar back pain. And pain in my feet, and joints. I think I’m getting old. Lol

  • Cynthia Richardson

    I have arthritic pain in my thumbs

  • KatRob

    I would love to get away from Tylenol, Advil, et al., and treat my pain naturally. I have knee pain, sciatic pain, elbow pain,neck and shoulder pain and some days I fight taking anything for it but the pain always wins and there I am swallowing dangerous over-the-counter solutions. This sounds like an awesome product.

  • Elaine

    Noxicare is wonderful stuff for neuropathy. I use it on my feet. Would love to win some more!

  • Carol Spilman Melodia

    I have fibromyalgia and I get knots in my muscles

  • Basya Skalozub

    If I will be lucky one to win this product – it would be a life saver. I just hope it is do as promised and is as unique as I expect it to be.

  • LindaKish

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so something is always hurting for me.


    I dislocated my elbow a few years ago and it gives me pain when the weather is damp.

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    Love to try this as I have severe neck pain from injury.

  • Connie Merritt

    I have muscle pain.

  • MnLady

    I have pain in my knees.

  • kwilczyk

    Hands and knees.

  • MrsR

    I experience daily neck and shoulder pain that radiates down my arm and hands

  • Carol Lawman

    Rheumatoid arthritis: knees and hands

  • sweetrosie12

    Neck, shoulder and foot pain.

  • Sandra Garrigan

    neck, shoulder, hands, foot neuropathy. Tried the free sample link – got a 404 error.

    • alexw

      Hi Sandra,

      The brand is working on getting that sample page fixed. Please check again soon!


  • Diane Popper

    Suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis in my hands and feet, a pain reducing cream sounds fabulous! My question is: is it fragrance free?

  • Michelle Castagne

    low back and leg pain

  • Janice Cash

    lower back, neck & shoulder pain

  • Nicole Lancaster

    I experience back and knee pain.

  • omahablack

    Bad twinges in my mid-back

  • Barbara Phelps

    knee and back pain, would love a natural remedy

  • Christine DeVoogd

    I would like to use this product for my arm and shoulder pain.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Christine Norman

    Pain in my hips and legs as well as numbness in my hands.

  • Elizabeth Herberick

    I am a massage therapist and have been doing massage for 28 years… I have also been a Type 1 Diabetic for 52 years. I have had pain in my hands, a few operations later still going strong but I could use some help with pain as I don’t use any type of pain medication because of the diabetes. I also have so many clients with pain and a natural pain reliever would be ideal!!

    • Elaine

      I have a numb spot on the bottom of my foot and sometimes just get an agitated feeling in my feet and they ache. Noxicare cream works wonders on these symptoms. My friend who has type 2 diabetes also uses it on his feet and it seems to have helped his neuropathy.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I would use the cream on my shoulders because I have osteoarthritis with bone to bone in my shoulders

  • Theresa Schmoyer

    I have had 3 back operations with a diagnosis of Failed Back Syndrome. Also, been on 800mg of ibuprofen for the past 20 years, since I cannot tolerate any strong pain medication. So I rely on Lidoderm patches to help with the pain. Today, at my 6month checkup, the Dr. says I have fluid and arthritis in both knees and probably need knee replacements. I would love to try something new for pain management. Hope to be a Lucky Winner!

  • RustysR

    I suffer too often from arthritis in multiple spots. I’d love to try this natural pain-relief cream.

  • Patti Gunderson

    I suffer from back and neck pain due to a MVA, knee pain from 22 as a ballet dancer, and joint pain due to lupus. I can no longer take NSAIDS due to the kidney damage that 20 years of high dosage use of NSAIDS caused, so am always on the lookout for something new to relieve my pain and imflammation.

  • TJfacialist

    I carry stress in my neck and back and am oftentimes battling aching and discomfort I love the idea of using a pain cream with such impressive wellness herbs and all-natural base. Would love to try this pain cream and use it on a regular basis to quell and ease my inflammation.

  • Godsdancer523

    I have lower back issues and am currently taking pain meds for relief. Would love to have a all natural product that reduces the pain in my lower back.

  • travelgirl

    We wouldlike to try this. Unfortunately, the link to the free sample product does not work. Hopefully I will win it though 🙂

  • Linda Bye

    I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands. It’s gotten much worse this last year and have a hard time doing anything with my hands.So would be wonderful to win..

  • Pat

    I have arthritis in my middle fingers and middle toes, so strange. I can not make a fist anymore. Sometimes it’s so painful I can’t even move it a little. I can only keep it straight. Shoes, well that’s another subject……..my feet swell in the summer and if my toes are hurting its painful to walk. I can’t wear any kind of a show without socks because of the swelling and sweating of the feet. I carry aspercream with me, that helps some. Would love to try this new cream.

  • Traci Baez

    If I won, I would give this cream to my husband. He has hip pain and elbow pain. Both associated with golf. He has cut back on the amount he plays per week.

  • Suzanne Carter

    I have arthritis pain in both thumb joints which makes it painful to work on the computer (which I love doing now in retirement) and also hard to hold items in my hands, such as a dinner plate or pots/pans. The discomfort is frustrating and I would love to win the product that tackles the pain with natural ingredients.

  • Susan Weinberg

    I have arthritis in my hands and they hurt a lot at times and this would be great to help with the pain.

  • Jill Hanson

    for degenerative bone & disk & fibromyalgia

  • Although I do, periodically, experience some muscle pain, I REALLY want to try this for my husband, who has severe back and leg pain from a military back fracture, exacerbated by arthritis and a damaged disc. He does take turmeric (Curcumall) together with ginger capsules, which helps (esp. for arthritis – and raw Baltic Amber Bracelets totally clear the arthritis pain in his hands…), but I am ALWAYS looking for natural things that will help his back and leg pain, as Tylenol taken for arthritis pain essentially killed his sister- destroyed her liver and she died. As a result, we will Not take pain meds, so I’d love for him to be able to try this.

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    Have to have it for my heck

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    Frozen shoulder

  • Yvonne H.

    I would love to use this on my lower back pain

  • Lynda Christian

    I have lower back pain which makes it uncomfortable to sit and sleep at night.

  • donnak4

    Neck pain mostly

  • Fran

    I have degenerative disc disease and severe pain in my lower back. I’ve tried many creams and have had cortisone shots in the joint. These don’t last long and I really need something to use between treatment. I’d love to try this.

  • Elizabeth F

    I unfortunately have Fibromyalgia, back and neck injuries from a major car accident. Would love to try something that’s not RX. Good luck to everyone !!

  • Laura Garmendia

    Neuropathy pain

  • eddyrobey


  • Rita Sheppard

    I suffer from chronic back and knee pain.

  • Ruthie B

    Fibro hell

  • Alona Young

    I get neck, back and knee pains.

  • LMD

    Over 50, 5 kids,numerous bath tub cleanings,a fall,cancer,etc. Am always looking for new fast efficient remedies for muscle aches,strains,sprains,every day pains.