Introducing MonaLisa Touch: A Beautiful New Way To Treat The Painful Symptoms Of Menopause And Help Make You Smile Again

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“We’ve broken the taboo of saying the word ‘vagina,’ and it’s about time!” says Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.“I’m delighted that conversation about sexual health is out in the open, when women no longer are embarrassed to discuss intimate issues.” 


Menopause can provoke a spectrum of uncomfortable symptoms, from hot flashes to mood swings and, even bleeding. The drop in estrogen levels during menopause is “the most common cause of painful sex at midlife and beyond,” reports the North American Menopause Society (NAMS)1. This estrogen decrease can prohibit your vagina from lubricating itself the way it used to, and limits its ability to stretch. Hysterectomy and breast cancer treatments can also bring on hormonal fluctuations that result in similar vaginal discomforts, sending women into forced menopause.

“Symptoms like vaginal discomfort can easily be alleviated today, and women can talk together about their options, choosing the treatments that are best for them,” says Geri. Among the treatment options that have emerged for vaginal discomfort–from over-the-counter lubricants to prescription medications–is an exciting new procedure, called MonaLisa Touch, that uses a laser!

FDA-cleared, MonaLisa Touch® 2 is a fractional CO2 laser that delivers energy to the vaginal tissue, much like the way lasers are used to treat and improve the health of facial skin. This energy is delivered inside in the vagina to help stimulate collagen and elastin in the vaginal tissue, which generates new collagen and increased vascularization, thus restoring vaginal health.

Completed with three 5-minute treatments spaced six-week apart, MonaLisa Touch is quick, safe and “virtually painless,” reports Cynosure. After your first treatment, many patients report symptom improvements almost immediately. An annual maintenance treatment is recommended.

prd-1757_mlt_blog_post4“Women are relieved to open up about their menopausal symptoms when they realize there’s finally a hormone-free, quick, painless, life-changing treatment that can be done in the office,” says Dr. Eric Grossman3 of Advocare Premier Ob/Gyn of South Jersey.

So what are you waiting for? Kiss the painful symptoms of menopause goodbye and regain your smile today.

MonaLisa Touch is available at physician offices throughout the country. Find a doctor who performs this revolutionary procedure here.



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