Love your legs again!


What is cellulite?
“Connective tissue bands beneath the skin, called fibrous septae, are arranged in a crisscross manner in normal skin. When they are oriented in a parallel manner from birth, they allow the fat to bulge up against the skin’s thinner surface, creating a rippling, lumpy look. Some septae also harden and contract as women age, which causes more bulging and dimpling by pulling the skin surface inward.” Dr. Theodore Diktaban*, NYC Plastic Surgeon
*Dr. Diktaban is not associated with the following product in any way.

Have you ever met an FOF who didn’t care about her cellulite? Neither have we.
We’ll try anything that promises to reduce the appearance of those icky bulges and dimples that manage to pop up in all the wrong places.

So it got our attention when we heard that a group of Australian scientists has formulated an easy, affordable way to conquer the cellulite curse. Their revolutionary cream, used twice a day, decreases the appearance of cellulite by an average of 38 percent within as little as four weeks, and 57 percent within eight weeks. This is based on a scientifically validated consumer study conducted by an independent lab in New York.

The product’s complex formulation contains a concentrated blend of caffeine, retinol, forskolin, vitamins A & K, aloe vera, and TPM® Dermal Delivery Technology. TPM, which is derived from natural vitamin E, is the secret weapon that enhances the absorption of key ingredients into the skin. That means more of the key ingredients in the product are delivered into the skin’s layers where they are needed most. The result for you? Noticeably smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin. And there is the added bonus that the cream can be used all over your body for a more toned appearance, not just on your legs or thighs!

BioElixia Body Shaper Cellulite Contour Crème ($49.50 for 5 fl oz) is now available in the United States. Lather up those legs today!

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  1. nereida says:

    I’ve been battling cellulite since I was a pre-teen and I’m now 52! this product sounds great and too good to be TRUE , but would love to try a sample
    I’m just not able to afford it….price is a bit too high 🙁

  2. joyzkim says:

    wish you can buy a sample to try..50.00 is too much right now…maybe later I will try this product…

  3. Betsy Vogel says:

    I don’t think I can stop doing lunges and squats, but it’s worth a try!

  4. Ann says:

    Wow, if this really works it would be fantastic. I would love to try it!!!!

  5. alexw says:

    It’s your lucky day!

  6. Mick says:

    This would be a fabulous product! I would love to give this a try and turn back a glowing testimony. Make me a believer!!


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