The Must-Read Report Before Your Next Mammogram

Depending on who you are, there is more to breast cancer testing than having a mammogram. This exclusive report clearly and concisely presents the facts you need to help you wisely  approach the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.

It’s for you. Your daughters. Your sisters. Your nieces.  Your friends. All you need is one single copy to help you spread the word.

This Exclusive Health Report on breast cancer from Yale Medical School reveals:  

  • The leading risk factor you can’t control

  • The risk factors you can control

  • How to interpret your family history

  • The surprising role of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

  • When to see a genetic counselor

  • How to make sense of the confusion surrounding mammograms  

  • The meaning of breast density

  • And more. Much more.


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