Not Your Mama’s Pill Box offers free text message reminders and other fab (free) ways for FOFs to keep their health on track

As FOFs, we’ve all had that moment: You’re staring at your pill bottle thinking, “Did I take my pill today, or not?”

Or perhaps you’re responsible for an aging parent, and you’ve had the even trickier task of figuring out what pills dad is supposed to take, and in what order.

Turns out, these minor medication snafus add up to major problems. According to a 2009 report by the New England Healthcare Institute, a full 50 percent of patients in the U.S. do not take their medications as instructed, at a cost of many lives and $290 billion annually in increased medical costs.

One clever solution: (MMS), a free website where you to create a schedule of your medications that is viewable from your mobile device or computer at any time. When you type in the name of your pill, MMS adds it to a printable chart with the dosage, when you should take it–even what it looks like.

MMS also sends you a text message (or an email) when it’s time to take your pill.

“I carry a wallet-size printout of my schedule as well as my husband’s and my mom’s,” says FOF Donna Brooten, Director of Marketing for the site.

Dr. Kay Johnston, MD, a dermatologist in San Angelo, Texas, encourages all her patients to use the tool. “When I asked my patients what medications they were taking, often they’d refer to a jumble of handwritten notes, or nothing at all,” she explains. “When you’re taking 5-10 different pills, that’s just not a good idea. “Now I give new patients the web address on a little card, and tell them to go home and use it. Hopefully, they’ll use it, and take the schedule to their other doctors as well.”

Visit to create your free medication schedule or download the App for iPhone or Android ($1.99) so you can use it on your SmartPhone.

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    This is wonderful. I am going there NOW to set up husband up!


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