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Waking three and four times throughout the night by urinary urges, 62-year-old Jonathan turned into a bundle of nerves. “He could barely function at work,” lamented his wife Erica. When a leading urologist recommended a drug to relieve his symptoms, he reluctantly filled the prescription. Taking statins for his elevated cholesterol, he disliked the idea of using another medication. 

Jonathan’s blood pressure soon shot to 180/110, one of the side effects of the new pill. He promptly tossed the bottle into the trash. “I’d rather have restless nights
than a heart attack,” Jonathan said emphatically. Daytime naps helped him cope with the consequences of sleep deprivation, a big benefit working from home. 

It’s now two years later, and Jonathan savors about six hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly, thanks to a natural and beneficial dietary supplement Erica stumbled across online. More on Prosvent, her life-changing discovery, in a minute.

And get your prostate problems under control with Prosvent! 

Triggered by an aging prostate gland, bladder issues affect over half of men over 60 years old 

Sitting directly below the bladder and on top of and surrounding the urethra –  the canal through which urine exits the body – the prostate is about the size of a walnut.  It  produces a thick fluid that nourishes sperm cells during the creation of semen. Its muscles drive the semen forward.  

Situated near the bladder and urethra, the prostate will often enlarge due to the natural aging process, and  put pressure on both organs. What’s more, the bladder’s elastic tissue becomes stiffer as a man ages, making it harder to expand and hold as much urine as it once did.  

The combined effect of these changes can alter how a man urinates in a number of ways, depending on the size of his prostate, his anatomy and his lifestyle. Only some men in their ninth decade will luckily have mild symptoms, or none at all. 

Besides frequent nighttime urination like Jonathan experienced, a man might have:

o Difficulty urinating

o The frequent urge to urinate 

o The sense he has to go immediately

o A weak or interrupted stream 

o A feeling that his bladder isn’t completely empty

o Dribbling or leaking

Most every man who lives into his eighties and nineties will have an enlarged prostate, the result of perfectly natural hormonal changes that come with age,” explained Dr. Lawrence May, a Harvard-educated internist in Los Angeles.  

Practicing preventive and integrative medicine for decades, Dr. May recommends conventional treatments and proven complementary therapies to foster his patients’ overall health and wellness. While a urologist will likely prescribe medication or even surgery right off the bat for urinary issues,  Dr. May looks beyond a patient’s bladder and prostate to “the whole man.”

He’ll often start with two tried-and-true approaches: A healthy low-fat diet like the Mediterranean to help improve a patient’s urinary issues, and Prosvent, the same dietary supplement that gave Jonathan back his nights!   Dr. May will recommend drugs if the patient’s problems don’t sufficiently let up and he’s open to taking them.  

Open your eyes to Prosvent and keep them shut all through the night 

Cultivating a passion for the study of nutrition while practicing medicine, Dr. May was actually invited to create the original formula for Prosvent in 2004. Reflecting the latest research in prostate health and nutraceuticals, its ingredients today are second to none in targeting the symptoms linked to an aging prostate, Dr. May asserted. 

The five complementary herbal extracts in Prosvent have been individually shown to work on different urinary mechanisms to relieve hesitancy, urgency and frequency, and support increased urine flow. These include: Pygeum from African tree bark (classified as a drug in France for prostate symptoms); Saw Palmetto with Beta-Sitosterol from the fruit of a dwarf palm tree, which  can help regulate the hormone testosterone and prostate growth, and Pumpkin Seed Oil, which promotes healthy urinary function. 

“We’re never satisfied and always strive to enhance the formula,” Dr. May said. “Our newest  formula Prosvent Ultra Blend with cranberry extract also prevents bacteria from attaching to the wall of the bladder and appears to relax its detrusor muscle. “We don’t know exactly what’s causing any man’s problem so we try to give him all the building blocks to help,” Dr. May emphasized. 


After years of poor sleep, and vowing never to take another drug for his urinary problems, Jonathan was anxious to try Prosvent. “I didn’t have anything to lose. Its active ingredients are completely natural and wouldn’t produce troublesome side effects,” he thought.

Although Jonathan was still waking frequently to urinate two weeks after starting on Prosvent, he refused to be discouraged. “The literature said it would take about a month to see results,” he said. Happily, results arrived  about four weeks later, when Jonathan woke only once in the middle of the night, and again at 7 am. Since then, his nighttime urinary urges are so greatly reduced, he’s a new man.

“I can’t think of a single reason any man who is experiencing what I suffered for years wouldn’t try Prosvent before any other treatment,” Jonathan advised.   

But don’t take his word alone. Of the thousands of reviews online, the overwhelming majority give Prosvent four and five stars.

“My husband started experiencing prostate problems when he turned 50, and got little relief from a number of formulas he tried,” wrote Lisette. “He’s had great results taking one Prosvent in the morning during the last two years. He rarely gets up at night, his urgency has lessened, and his flow has improved. This is one product he’ll stay with!”

“My husband urinates a good amount, and isn’t constantly feeling like he must run to the bathroom. We both sleep better. Thanks,” commented G’ma R.

THERABOTANICS is so confident you’ll feel like Jonathan and countless other men once you’ve tried Prosvent, it will refund the full price (less S&H) if you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days.

With an offer like this, there’s only one thing to do!

And Put Prosvent In Charge of Your Prostate

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