This Valentine’s Gift Will Guarantee You Understand Each Other Better

David and I went to our friends’ house last weekend, to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel before the Oscar Awards on February 22.

We haven’t watched a movie together with this couple in ages, and we thought the four of us would share a lovely evening. But unless they change their ways, it doesn’t look like we’re going to watch another movie with them anytime soon. Throughout the movie, both of them were taking turns asking what someone in the film said.

It went something like this:

And on and on they went, throughout the 100-minute film. They were driving me crazy. My hearing has declined over the years, but this was ridiculous. I think I missed half the dialogue because Sandy and Richard were interrupting so often. When Sandy and I were alone in the kitchen, I suggested that maybe they should both get their hearing checked. She dismissed me with a chuckle, answering: “The dialogue in most movies is either too low or too fast. Our hearing is completely normal.”

Do you and your partner pull Sandy and Richard routines?

I used to be just like they are, asking David a barrage of questions about the dialogue in movies and TV shows, until a hearing test revealed my hearing loss, and I did something about it. I am far from alone: About 10 million adults in the United States experience enough hearing loss that even face-to-face conversation is problematic, if not impossible. And almost 10 times as many experience difficulty in more challenging situations, such as in noisy restaurants, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

As a matter of fact, difficulties with listening and understanding can have a profound impact on a person’s emotional, physical, and social well-being.

Even if you swear you have tip-top hearing, take this little survey
(And make sure your significant other takes it, too!)

You and your partner are watching a romantic movie (or almost anything else) in the living room, with the usual background noises, including occasional street traffic, neighbors grilling in their backyards, and planes. You:

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If you checked only the first statement, this means your hearing and communication skills are likely in great shape. If, however, you ticked off even one of the next six statements, you may be experiencing changes to your listening and communication abilities that are worth checking out. You can easily improve your hearing today, without the need for super expensive hearing aids

A cool little device, called the Soundhawk Smart Listening System, for example, will enhance key sound frequencies and clarify what you hear, while reducing unwanted background noises at the same time. Although Sandy and Richard’s hearing might be in the normal range when they listen to very soft beeps during an audiologist’s hearing test, they’re dealing with more complex sounds than beeps when they’re trying to understand speech. Soundhawk would enhance Sandy and Richard’s ability to understand the movie dialogue.

and treat yourself and your significant other in time for Valentine’s Day!

Buy 2 Soundhawk Smart Listening Systems, from now through the end of February, and get $100 off.

But don’t wait. Why not plan a romantic date night for Saturday, February 14th, grab your
new Soundhawk couple, and fire up your romance.

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P.S. If you checked off only the last statement in our survey, you’re likely experiencing enough of a change to your hearing that it’s already affecting your general sense of well-being and quality of life. Talk to your physician and seek evaluation by a qualified audiologist.

Don’t miss the movie… and the cuddling!

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