Start Eating Like A Woman

David, the man with whom I live, eats some type of pastry every single day, acting as if it’s the last day he’ll ever be able to consume cake again. He doesn’t gain an ounce. If I ate pastries every single day, I would look like the Goodyear blimp after about a month. No joke. I would.

If this scenario rings a bell, it should. We can eat exactly the same foods as our male friends and lovers (at exactly the same times), and exercise precisely the same way as they do, but our bodies, and our minds, will react quite differently.

I am sick and tired of reading about new diets that promise to change everything, from the size and shape of our bodies to the length of our lives to the level of our happiness. If I see Dr. Oz one more time on my Facebook newsfeed, hawking yet another revolutionary diet or supplement, I will scream. Most of it is pure baloney. You know it. I know it. Even Dr. Oz knows it, I suspect.

So, what’s a woman to do?

Here’s what: Order a new book, immediately, called Eat Like A Woman (and never diet again), by health advocate, Staness Jonekos, and women’s health expert, Dr. Marjorie Jenkins.

Eat Like A Woman (and never diet again) is based on scientific studies that confirm, at last, that what we eat and how we maintain our health and fitness should reflect our physiological, psychological and biochemical constitution, which is completely different from a man’s.

As the subtitle indicates, this is absolutely not a diet book. Like no other book that concerns eating, it teaches women what to eat, why we should eat it and when we should eat it!

The book is written so you and I can understand every single word of it. Smartly organized, it does three important things:

Provides a simple-to-understand, crash course in the ways that men and women differ in a spectrum of critical areas, from hormones to fat cells to the digestive system.

Wait till you learn what a hormone called Leptin does, where it’s located in our bodies and how it impacts our hunger. You’ll also be interested to know that it takes us about 14 hours longer than men to digest our food, which increases our chances of feeling nauseous and bloated.

Presents an easy-to-follow 3-step, 3-week plan that not only explains what to eat, but how to eat it.

  • Week One focuses on breakfast, the most essential meal of the day (really, it is!), which can improve our mood and increase the odds that we won’t grab junky foods later. Breakfast begins the process of nourishing healthy emotions by confronting stress, depression and mood. FACT: Women who skip breakfast do eight unhealthy things more often than men (such as have a significantly higher incidence of poor self-perception).

  • Week Two covers lunch and dinner and introduces the concept of SWEAT: Smart Women Exercise All The Time. If you wouldn’t dream of scrubbing your floors, you might be tempted to start when you learn how many calories it burns. Yes, scrubbing floors is an exercise. You’ll might also think about having a bigger lunch when you hear what benefits it provides.

  • Week Three brings together all the elements, teaching us how to eat before and after exercise, so we can reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce our risk of disease and slow the aging process so we attain physical and emotional well-being.

Gives us a wealth of recipes that emphasize taste as well as portion control.

Created by celebrities and world-renowned chefs, the delicious-sounding dishes include Sheryl Crow’s Vegan Chocolate-Mint Brownies and Lisa Lillien’s Apple Crisp in a Mug.

Eat Like A Woman is for young girls going through puberty, to women going through menopause, to women well beyond menopause. It’s also for vegans, vegetarians or omnivores.

“I wrote Eat Like A Woman (and never diet again) because we must change how we think about food and embrace our bodies as women,” Staness said. “I wrote Eat Like A Woman for women who, just like I, want to have a fulfilling life supported by good health, good food and good times. I wrote Eat Like A Woman because it is time we all celebrate womanhood and our unique relationship with food.”

Crazy-but-true facts from Eat Like A Woman (and never diet again)

  • Until recently, nutrition research has generally been conducted using only men. Women have been treated like small men, with the exception of the reproductive system. A woman’s brain-gut connection is totally different from a man’s, yet many popular diet programs, designed for women, are based on the male-based research results.

  • Women are 2 to 3 times more likely than men to suffer from depression because we produce 30 percent less serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter.

  • Women store more fat than men.

  • What we eat or drink can affect our moods, and our moods can affect what we eat.

  • Women taste food differently from men, and differently in each of our four life stages.


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