At Last, a Plant-Based Supplement for Incontinence That Works! It Really Works!

If I was dating, I probably wouldn’t tell a new man about my condition, but otherwise I’m upfront: I have incontinence. How can you ever hope to solve your problems if you keep them to yourself? Happily, the folks who are marketing an exciting new drug-free incontinence treatment invited me to try it after they read one of my blogs. More on that in a moment. 

Chances are pretty good that you also have incontinence, along with 43 percent of women 50 to 64 years old and 50 percent over 65. Yet, only about one-third of us talk to our doctors, and continue to suffer in silence. If you’re one of the embarrassed non-talkers, please learn from my experience and hopefully you’ll get relief, too. 

After taking a popular incontinence drug for years, I abruptly stopped in 2017 when I read that it increased my risk for dementia. I’d rather lose complete control of my bladder than my mind!  I refused to take another popular drug instead since that one would increase my risk for high blood pressure, among other side effects.  My pressure is normal. So, I began wearing special padded underwear.  Function over glamour, ladies!

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Femaxeen, the new plant-based food supplement that recently hit the market, seemed promising. Seventy-six (of 81) participants in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study reported “statistically significant improvements” in their incontinence after taking the supplement for 90 days.  (Note: Three participants didn’t follow up; and ‘treatment’ wasn’t started in two placebo patients.) 

The supplement is formulated with a proprietary cocktail of ingredients that work together to help the bladder function properly and support lower urinary tract health. Femaxeen is effective on stress incontinence as well as on urge incontinence associated with an overactive bladder (OAB),” said Oscar del Cid, whose company – DNA Biopharm – distributes it in the United States. Monaco-based Axeen Pharma produces Femaxeen. I wasn’t on a date with Oscar, so I talked freely about my bladder.  

“Before taking Femaxeen, i didn’t have a sex life. I was like Niagra Falls at night. Thank you for changing that.”  – Rhonda D. 


If you’re not versed in the types of bladder issues, here’s a quick lesson.

Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine during physical activity, such as coughing, laughing or lifting.  This happens when the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra (the tube carrying urine out of the body) and the urinary sphincter muscle (controlling the flow of urine from the bladder) are weakened or damaged by events including menopause, childbirth, trauma and hysterectomy. (I fit into all but the trauma category.) Of the approximate 18 million people affected, women represent 85 percent.

OAB is a sudden, strong and frequent need to urinate occuring when the smooth muscle in the bladder wall (detrusor) destabilizes and involuntarily contracts while the bladder is storing urine. A normal detrusor muscle will relax during the storage phase and will contract when we pee. OAB may be associated with urine leakage if you can’t get to the bathroom in time.  Approximately 13 million women are affected by OAB with incontinence. The exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought that risk factors include vaginal birth delivery, age, obesity and chronic constipation.

“I had to call you. For the first time in over 10 years I wore skimpier shorts because I didn’t have to hide my diaper.”  – Donna B. 

Our urinary system does its job well when muscles and nerves work together to hold urine in the bladder and then release it at the right time. Nerves carry messages back and forth between the bladder and the brain to signal when the bladder is full and tell muscles when to tighten or release. If these nerves don’t work properly, your bladder won’t either. 

Made from UriCyTonin®AFU&I, an exclusive blend of purified pollens extracted from a flower found in Sweden, Femaxeen works with nerves and muscles to support bladder health. The formula also includes pumpkin seed extract for the health of the pelvic floor muscles that control urine flow, and Vitamin E to help protect cells against oxidative stress.

I’ve been taking one Femaxeen tablet daily for the last month – with absolutely no side effects – and can expect to see a marked improvement in my incontinence after about four months, Oscar told me. The results will take longer for women with more severe incontinence, he added. “Many of us want to see results overnight, but the benefits of the formula build up over time,” Oscar stressed. “It’s important to be patient. The outcome will be worth it,” he added. 

To inspire us to keep taking Femaxeen, even if we don’t see an improvement as fast as we’d like, Oscar is giving every woman who purchases one or two boxes an equal number of gratis boxes. Shipping and returns are free, too.

Femaxeen: For a life-changing event

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