Love, Sweat & Tears: A Must-See Film About Menopause

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Dr. Pamela Dee Gaudry is on a mission to “de-stigmatize menopause, save the menopausal vaginas of America and start the Menopause Romance Revolution” with her groundbreaking and entertaining documentary, Love, Sweat & Tears, now available to watch at home on iTunes and Amazon!!

An OB/GYN, certified menopause practitioner and sex therapist, Dr. Pam jokingly calls herself a “gynechiatrist” for women 45+ Her film isn’t just brimming over with valuable information from incredible doctors and other health experts across the United States; it features real women, couples, spiritual advisors and even comediennes talking about menopause, including Jenny McCarthy and Joan Rivers in her last interview. “We wanted to bring in some comic relief, and they really wanted to help us,” Dr. Pam says. “Everywhere we went, women were desperate to help.”

Most doctors aren’t adequately trained about menopause in their residency programs, so they can’t properly guide their menopausal patients, Dr. Pam explains. Setting out to change this unfortunate prevailing attitude, Love, Sweat & Tears explains what happens to a woman’s body during menopause, and what steps she can take– emotionally, spiritually and physically–to make menopause “the most intimate part of her life,” Dr. Pam adds.

The film covers subjects from the importance of estrogen therapy for a woman’s sexual health to the pleasure she can get from sex toys and masturbation. “I want women to know why they must protect their vaginas. I want estrogen in their vaginas when they’re going into the ground. And no woman should die without using a vibrator,” Dr. Pam says matter of factly.

“Menopause is a complicated subject,” says Geri Brin, Founder of FabOverFifty. “Besides being educational, Dr. Pam’s film is fun to watch. It’s the perfect guide for women over 45. A must-see!”

Head on over to the film’s website to learn more. Then watch this important documentary, pronto.

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