15 Yummy Recipes to Protect Your Heart

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It’s hard to keep up with trending health concerns, but one thing is certain: Women need to love their hearts a little bit more. As a matter of fact, heart-related illnesses cause more deaths than breast cancer. With a rise in preventive cardiology, as well as the development of more heart friendly products, we were interested to see what we could cook up using a new–and free–eBook of heart healthy recipes.

15 Delicious and Easy Heart Healthy Recipes focuses on superfoods, inflammation, and overall cardiovascular health, offering 5 recipes for each category.


Superfoods are greens and fruits packed with vital minerals to help detoxify your body, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and much more. Think broccoli, kale, pomegranate, and pineapple.
food“The banana split was simple as pie to make in my Vitamix, but a regular blender would work just as well,” said Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.com. “Although the recipe calls for superfood spinach, you don’t taste it at all.”


Inflammation has been linked to all sorts of health issues, including bruises, joint pain, heart disease, and cancer. Inflammation in the abdominal area can even cause bloating and swelling, leading to increased water weight. To combat against these potential health hazards, start thinking about adding anti-inflammatories to your diet. These foods include Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which help regulate blood pressure, the fat and cholesterol in your blood, and clotting. Try avocados, cold-water fish, and walnuts.


Overall cardiovascular health won’t be cured by one heart healthy meal, but by a lifestyle change. Pay attention to what you’re eating; amp up the fruits and veggies, be mindful of your salt and sugar intake, and increase your fiber. Studies have shown that when you increase the fiber in your diet by 10 grams daily, you can decrease your risk of heart disease by 29%. Whole grains, fruits, veggies, and beans are excellent sources of fiber.

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