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2279 Third Ave, Apt 6A


New York

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How great it is to finally feel comfortable in your own skin! How wonderful to have come to grips with the idea that I am a quilt – made up of many things; sometimes they seem opposing but, in fact, they are complimentary. It's not only OK but it is great to be: smart, successful, ambitious, tough when need be, curious, nurturing, sensitive, passionate and a whole lot more.

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Woodbury Commons, New York

What Every FoF Should Know

Relish this age. We made it. Survived babies, career hurdles, good and bad partners. It's our time to bask in the sun and share what we know with not only our peers but the generation behind us.


My children…my work…the theater…a fabulous discount on some designer something I just had to have!

I'm an Expert On

Starting over. My core values never change and I wish I could say the same about my weight. I believe we can reinvent ourselves and that that’s the best way to handle change.

What I'm Working On

Building my own website. Would love to have my own conuslting business to advise nonprofits on how to survive this economy and embrace the social media that’s here to stay!


Executive Director of a Nonprofit


Cathy Lanyard


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