The Greatest Memories Of Our Fathers

A dad and his son are nice, but there’s nothing quite so special as a dad and his daughter. And, don’t we know it, since we’re the daughters! Happy Father’s Day to all your dads. And to those FOFriends who lost their fathers recently, or many decades ago, we know you’ll always have them in your hearts.

Here, we’re thrilled to share some of your priceless memories.

“When he finally stopping working, he’d put on records of his favorite classical music, and stood in the center of the room, conducting, as if he had the orchestra in front of him. He was passionate about his music. It took him to wonderful places.” Geri Brin

When I was about 10, he picked me up early from school one day (heaven only knows what he told the nuns), and the two of us drove down to La Jolla, which was and probably is, a beautiful little city right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, beautifully situated and landscaped, and inhabited back then by people who could afford to buy expensive homes. We parked the car and watched the waves for a while, with a little desultory remark here or there, but nothing really important. When it got to be twilight, we drove into the city and had dinner at Anthony’s restaurant (dining out was a rarity in the 1950s), which was a huge favorite of ours, featuring fresh seafood and a wonderful ice cream called “spumoni”. We drove home after that, but here we are, almost 60 years later, and I still treasure that afternoon and evening when I did not have to share my father with the rest of the family.” Alicemary Devlin

Teaching me how to drive, hitting a softball to me in the front yard for hours practicing for my softball games, sitting on the screened in porch late into the night talking. It was one of our nights after talking for hours that he passed away in his sleep from a heart attack. Miss him so much.” 
Kim Sanders Lazenby

Scouring the rock pools for shrimps, mussels, winkles and a whole load of other things, then him taking out this little stove and pan and us sitting down amongst the rocks for a taste of the sea, oh and he always had a couple of mum’s homemade bread rolls in his pocket! Loved those days and would give anything to do it again.” Myra Clarke

Knowing how much he loved his family!!! He was a wonderful father. Just a funny story, we were in the church vestibule before my wedding. The church was packed, and all the bridesmaids etc had gone in. He looked at me and said, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do because we can walk out of here right now? Don’t worry about the people or expense, just make sure this is what you want.’ I   said yes it is, you don’t have to worry!!!! Love, love, love and miss my awesome dad!!!!” Cassie Davis Crochet

Don’t know if it’s the greatest but I loved to look at magazines when we went to the grocery store. One time I guess he was ready and I wasn’t so he had someone get on the intercom and announce, ‘Lynn, please put the magazine down. Your father is waiting for you at the front of the store.’  Way to embarrass your teenage daughter!” Lynn Thomas

When we played guitar and sang together…he passed away at 46 years old. I miss him.” Maura Del Carmen Gomez

The Best Dad ever, kind, hard working, Brilliant sense of humour, crying at sad things on TV and blowing his nose as if we hadn’t noticed, even spoke to people he didn’t know. used to say who was that Dad, and he would say, ‘I don’t know but it doesn’t cost anything to say hello or good night!’  My Lovely Dad.” Marie Myers Bagshaw

Crawling on the floor, playing with his grandkids. He was so in love with all of them, as they were in love with him.” Sheri Goldman  

Loved to watch him square dance …. He and mom would also dance around room when a good song came on radio.” Karen Foxworthy

He was so proud that at 85 he had all his teeth. I remember his strength and that he did everything that was considered woman’s work at the time. He cooked, washed dishes, mopped floors and worked.” Joanne Cartagena

That he was kind to my sister and me, and he bought us everything we wanted within reason. I miss him so much.” Deborah Delgado

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  1. Cathy McIvor says:

    I have very dear and fond memories of my father, who passed away in 2008, a week after Father’s Day. One of my favorite memories of my father is how he taught me to ride my bike on the sidewalk in front of our house and in our driveway. I asked him to take my training wheels off and I remember him holding the bike upright as I got on. I distinctly remember falling off many times, skinning my knees. My father encouraged me to keep getting back on and try again – just as he did all my life when I had “fallen”. I learned how to ride without my training wheels in one day – thanks to an excellent life coach!


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