I am not satisfied with my breasts. Ever since I had my son and breast fed him my breast started sagging a lot. As time has gone by (5 years) they are smaller, from an E cup to a DD cup. The straps of my bra leave indents in my shoulders and it causes neck pain and headaches all the time. I like the size of my breasts, but they are sagging too much. It makes my body look horrible and makes me very uncomfortable around my husband. I want to know the difference in the price for a breast lift vs a breast reduction. I was told the reduction is cheaper.

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  1. DrMarvinShienbaum wrote on :


    In regard to your specific inquiry, Dr. Shienbaum evaluates each of his patients on an individual basis. His assessment and recommendations are based
    on a thorough personal examination at the time of your consultation.

    A detailed explanation of his procedures can be found at our websites and

    You are welcome to call our office and schedule a consultation at any time.

    With kindest regards

  2. Dr. Susan Kolb wrote on :

    In order to relieve your symptoms, you will need a breast reduction. Your cost will be your insurance copay as this is usually covered by insurance.

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