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I am 54 yo and 32E and considering a breast lift/augmentation…I’m small framed 5″1″ with large breasts and breasts are sagging after nursing baby many years ago….and age/gravity. I heard about a new firmer implant from an inquiry from a surgeon’s office (I think she was referring to the “gummy bear” implant) that may help me avoid all of the cutting of a normal breast lift! Can any of you please share your opinion on this new implant and also this kind of surgery at my age? I am very healthy, mostly active 110 pounds and no health problems, just for the record.:-) Thank you for your help!!

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Holli Rovenger

The Women’s Inner Circle Exclusive Experiences provides Boomer women, who have been through life transitions, with unique and memorable travel experiences.
Every trip is meticulously researched and planned, so that women will be able to delight in the magnificent scenery, traditions, culture & food indigenous to the area. We don’t want to just travel to places; we want to experience them!

Each trip also is designed to be as luxurious & adventurous as possible (within parameters), with a strategic infusion of personal development that relates to the theme of the trip. We try to plan for up close & personal, in-depth, authentic experiences that include spur-of-the-moment activities. Our goal is to make each Exclusive Experience The Trip of a Lifetime!

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Ive had Botox on my face in the past, 4 times. At 50, with stress factoring in, I think Botox is not enough. What else can I get done that is minimally invasive?

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I am 65 years old and do yoga, ab exercises butt lift exercises. I have had liposuction three times. Once when I was 42, which I was pleased with. The second one was 7 years ago, an Aqualipo procedure left me extremely unhappy with and has left me with a roll above my belly button. The third one was very minor, gave me a little more shape on my sides but no help with the roll left from Aqualipo. I have consulted several Drs regarding a tummy tuck. My question to you is if I have a tummy tuck, can the damage that was done by Aqualipo be corrected? If so, will my abdomen be fairly tight so the roll is not there and I can wear jeans without the roll showing as it does now? Thank you!

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I have a hideous tummy/abdomen after bad lipo. Can a tummy tuck improve the appearance?

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I want a tummy tuck, to remove excess skin inner thigh to remove excess skin and my neck and eyes refreshed. How much does something like this cost? What should the down time be? And can all the procedures be done at the same time?

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Is it really impossible to remove a ‘blue lake’ from a lip? I’ve had this for a very long time because a few dermotologists have told me that it’s impossible to remove.

Kathy Day

I have a Mobile Spa business, in Florida, and teach women how to de-stress and take better care of themselves.  I provide you with spa products in a lovely gift basket so can can create a day spa in the comfort of your own home. I am an esthetician specializing in anti-aging skincare products, and I provide material on how to use them. I also offers a variety of spa treatments, as well as products for men and baby.

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Merryl Fierstein


My name is Merryl and I represent Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse. I became involved with the brand after I saw, firsthand, the instant and dramatic change happening right before my eyes. When I posted my results, my Facebook page and email went wild. Instantly Ageless is a temporarily reduces wrinkles, bags fine lines and dark circles.I truly believe every man and woman should have this product, whether it’s for everyday or special occasions.

You can buy a box of 50 (over 100 uses) for $75 – click here: – or i can sell smaller sample packs of 10 for $25 (plus $3 shipping).

You can buy Instantly Ageless, fall in love with it, and either buy it again or become a rep and sell it to your friends. You decide.
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Cindy Devine

Let your imagination run free. Through the ages, women have adorned themselves with beautiful things. We are creatures of the Divine. Take pride in the beautiful women that you are! Explore, find yourself, enjoy!

I create original wire and metal art jewelry that are works of art, using cold forging as well as traditional metalsmithing techniques. I do not mass produce or use cookie cutter concepts, and work only with high quality materials, including sterling silver, high grade Thai silver, pure copper, gemstones and artisan made glass beads.  My current work showcases the use of riveting, fold-forming and soldering.