I had a C-section 23.5 years ago and they made a mistake. It’s really not nice and have a little tummy pop out and I want to fix it. What surgery do I need and how much does it cost?


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  1. Dr. Anita Patel wrote on :

    Without seeing you in person, and also knowing what your goals are, it is difficult to say which surgery would be best for you. The photo shows a scar with protruding abdominal tissue above it. This is quite common after a C section, and can be due to many factors and does not signify a mistake per se. It just shows you have scarring and excess skin above, and if your only goal is giving the area a smooth contour from above the scar to below the scar, you could simply have a scar revision. If you wanted a smooth and tight contour to the entire abdomen, however, you would be looking at getting a tummy tuck. IF you wanted something in between the scar revision and tummy tuck, then panniculectomy is an option. The cost for a scar revision is much different than for a tummy tuck, as are the risks and benefits and postoperative recovery time. Average tummy tuck cost in Beverly Hills tends to be around $11-15,000 (though can be lower or higher depending on the surgeon), while the cost of panniculectomy or scar revision is much lower. I would recommend seeing a Board Certified plastic surgeon in consultation to see what is best for you, and get a real sense of the costs involved.

  2. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    As you can see, options are available for you. When you say your doctor made a mistake, what do you mean by that? Its very common with aging and weight gains that patients who have had c-sections have overhanging skin. A tummy tuck or some variation of it would work for you, depending on what your expectations are. Costs will vary considerably by procedure and surgeon so its best for you to actually see a few doctors and then make up your mind as to whom you wish to see. You can always call offices for rough estimates of what your costs are and then schedule with those that fit your budget more. If you are saving for this, you should have at least $7500 saved up or have financing available for you.

  3. Dr. Julio Garcia wrote on :

    The fees vary because of the time involved, but in Las Vegas the fee for a full tummy tuck is about $9,400 dollars, all inclusive with lab work, operating room, anesthesia fees, surgical fees and garments. The only additional fee is for your medications after surgery. I suggest you see two plastic surgeons near where you live to have an in-person consultation and get a fee quote from them as prices vary from city to city. I wish you the best.

  4. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Hi…from the photo I can see the “tummy pop out” which is likely related to scar associated with the C-section. An operation to remove the scar and take away the excess skin and fat would likely make you better. At times that may just be a “panniculectomy” or even a mini tummy tuck. The best answer to that question will be so see a plastic surgeon so that they can examine your tummy and give you the range of options. Without seeing you, a cost estimate is a bit more difficult but let me give you a rough “guesstimate” of fees. For the removal of scar and associated adjacent skin and fat (that panniculectomy referenced above) costs would be about $3500 for surgeon’s fees and another $2500 to $3500 for OR and anesthesia charges depending on where the surgery was performed. This cost estimate may go up or down depending on exactly how much work is involved and I encourage you to visit with a plastic surgeon to get more exact numbers and additional information.
    Hope this helps!
    J. Wethe, M.D.

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