I am a 44-year-old diabetic and a little overweight. It is safe to have breast implants and some fat transferred to my butt?

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  1. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    With any patient who is diabetic it is important to include your primary care doctor and/or the physician who manages your diabetes involved in making the best choices for you about the advisability of breast implants as well as consideration of fat transfer. If I can correctly assume for the moment that they are “ok” with your current diabetes status then, in general, both implants and fat grafting can be reasonable options. The real decision should be between you, the plastic surgeon, and your diabetes doctor to make the best choices with the fewest risks for you. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation. That will be the best way to answer your question completely. Hope this helps!
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  2. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    If your diabetes was well controlled, it could certainly be done. You would have to decide if the slightly increased risks for complications was worth it to you. Most of my patients would have no trouble accepting this but in the end, its still up to you.

  3. Dr. Julio Garcia wrote on :

    I think breast implants in a diabetic, as long as the diabetes is under control is fine. As to the fat transferred to your but, I believe the liposuction to remove fat is safe, but I am concerned about the fat being injected becoming a source for an infection. Injected fat could make for a good growth medium for any bacteria and diabetics are more prone to such issues than non-diabetics. I might advise you to forgo the fat injections, in my opinion

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