I have had actinic keratosis over my entire face treated with Aldara 5%. I hated all the inflammation and raised scabby areas that developed and lasted for almost 2 months. It did, however, work well. I now have more dry flaky areas developing, and a few reddened areas (basal cell CA?). I also have freckles and age spots, marionette lines, a little saggy jowls, and generalized very fine wrinkles. Everyone tells me I look way younger than my age of 64.

My question is – what non-invasive procedures would be helpful – maybe a laser type of procedure to deal with the keratosis and possible basal cell, but also something that might improve the collagen layers? I know there are lots of types of procedures that do multiple things, just not sure what would be appropriate.

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  1. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Treatment of SEVERELY sun damaged skin:
    You have all the results of severely sun damaged skin, AK’s, perhaps BCE’s, age spots (dyschromia), reddened areas (telangiectasia), dryness and flaking and wrinkles. the only thing that will treat this is reducing as many of the pre malignant cells as possible, changing the rest as much as possible and protecting from further sun damage.You have already treated the pre malignant cells with Aldara. You need to finish the job by freezing any that did not respond (and your description sounds as if you have a number). I would then start on the Obagi Nu-Derm system to reverse as much of the other damage as possible. You may need an IPL, however, t get rid of the redness. The Obagi system also contains a “toner” to rebalance the skin’s pH and a inc fide sun block to block the UVA Rays that have caused all your damage. (UVB blocks do not help as UVB only really causes sunburn, not sun damage. UVA is present from morning to night, from pole to pole and year around. The only other UVA screen is avobenzone and it needs to be replaced hourly. Zinc oxide is present until rubbed or washed off. ) This is now a lot of work, but, once you have done it, you should have minimal future problems if you keep up the routine.

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