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I have gained and lost a lot weight over the years. I had gastric bypass in 1999 starting at 314 and got down to 170 lbs and have maintained that for the most part until the last 2 years since I have been taking breast cancer medicine (ARIMIDEX for 10 yrs). A side effect is weight gain and I sure did. I put on 15 lbs and am now 185 lbs. My question is—is it appropriate to have a full body plastic surgery—I need face lift, neck, breasts, hips, and BIG TIME need leg lift and lipo etc. Big legs, thighs, calves, ankles run in our family on the women. All of my dads 8 sisters had big legs. When I weighed 135 lbs my legs were still big. I am 5 ft 3 and just turned 64. Prob. too old for all of this—but I used to be attractive (told beautiful by many) and I miss feeling attractive. HELP!

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  1. DrKenrickSpence wrote on :

    Hello, thank you for this question and congratulations on your weight loss! My name is Dr. Michael McClure and I am Dr. Spence’s partner. I am a Plastic Surgeon in Orlando, FL who specializes in post extreme weight loss cosmetic surgery. I tell my patients, as a general rule, age is not a factor for plastic surgery. What’s most important is your overall health which determines your risks. .
    The best way for me to help you would be to meet you for a consultation. This way I can examine you, go over all the risks, benefits, and alternatives of this type of surgery and develop a plan for the safest and best outcome.
    Call our office anytime to set something up! Maybe a trip to Florida is just what you need!

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